Energy in the wind

We know that there is lots of energy in the wind and renewable energy from wind turbines is important in Orkney. Recently there has not been lots of that kind of energy around! How unusual! So, to feel some of the energy in the wind we made some kites that work with hardly any wind at all.
We had to listen and understand and follow instructions carefully and step-by-step. We worked in small groups and pairs to help each other. We made some successful kites!


  1. Awesome getting to make your own kites, such a cool way to learn about one of Scotlands natural energy sources, well done P5.

    Avril Fitzpatrick (James' mum)

  2. Great using wind as renewable energy has taken off in Orkney there is so much on the market today to use as renewable energy well done P5

    Jeff- Hannahs Dad