How to set up a tent

Today we wrote instructions which explained how to put up a tent or how to make a free standing shelter with a ridge pole. First we had to  the success criteria for the instruction writing then we went outside to put up the tent and make the shelters (remembering what we did that was successful for later!).

Making the free standing shelters.

Putting up the tent.
The nice thing about putting up tents and making shelters is that you HAVE TO have hot chocolate with marshmallows when you have finished as a reward for all the hard work.

We can all fit in!
Some people worked really hard today, concentrating on getting the job done and thinking hard and persevering - well done! You have earned Learning Rule points. Throughout the day lots of people visited the tent and enjoyed being inside. Thanks to Mrs Humphries and the local Guides for allowing their tent to come to Glaitness for its second career. We will make good use of it!


  1. Hi class 5
    It was fun when we were building the tents.Our tent was hard to build and we had to take it down a few times before it would work. We used big stones to keep the black sheet down to stop it from blowing away.

    from Michaela

  2. Hi p5
    I really enjoyed making the tent because I was in the group that made the big tent. I think that we all did a good job on our tents. All of the tents were great.
    Mason p5

  3. I think the sycamores had a hard time putting the tent up.There was a lot of space and it was cozy.The annoying part was hammering because I di not now were the hammer was.From Logan m

  4. I really enjoyed making a tent with my group we had to remake it 3 times but it was fun.I think the way the big tent turned out was amazing.The sycamore group worked really hard.Thank you Miss Mackay for a lovely morning.From Jessica.

  5. Hi class 5
    I realy enjoyed making the big green tent with everyone.
    I also loved the hot chocolate because this time we got extra chocolate and we got marsmallows.
    Thankyou for your time Ms Mackay from Chloe.

  6. Hi p5
    The canvas tent was fab.The room inside it was huge and everybody could fit in it.
    At first the tent was hard to build and a lot of work but we got there in the end and it was great fun.The hot chocolate and marshmallows was fab.I can't wait till we take it up to muddisdale.Thank you for getting this arangeing this.

  7. Hi p5 it was very very hard to make the big tent. We had one or two things wrong but we fixed it all for hot cocolate and marshmallows.After we all finished we had to write instructions. From James.

  8. Hi Class 5, looks like you all had a lot of fun setting up the tents/shelters, very impressive. Elaine (Jessica's mum)

  9. I left a comment in logans progress jotter as I could not figure out how to leave a comment on hear then logan showed me how to cleaver boy seems to know more than me I will now b able to do it by myself he seems to b learning more and more every week well done primary 5 all your projects look great and I also enjoyed my visit to muddisdale with the class from logans mum

  10. Hello p5. What an excellent range of skills you have all used to make your tent. Great team work. Well done. Elizabeth (Mitchell's Mum)

  11. Hi Class 5- what fun you must have had! I think you're all learning some great skills that will help you to have a lifetime of enjoyment out in nature:). Rachel (Aria's mum)

  12. this looks fab. fantastic work p5. what a lucky bunch getting marshmallows and hot chocolate aswell :D yummy. great job. chloes mum