Instructions for making Brushbots

We made brushbots! It looks simple but we had to pay attention to all the details in the instructions. We are getting better at writing our own instructions by trying to follow instructions we are given ourselves.


  1. That made me dizzy! What fun Primary 5! I wish I'd been able to do fun things like that when I was at school.

  2. Hello Class 5. The brushbots were amazing fun to make. Some of them were hyper
    and some of them were lazy. My one and Evies one battled to the DEATH! We had
    great fun making them Scott.

  3. Hi p5
    This brush bot activity was great fun.Some of the brush bots were fast and some of them were slow.All of the brush bots were great.Thank you Ms Mackay I think you have very cool and interesting activitys.

  4. Hi class 5 making the brush bots was fun. My brush bot was funny when me and Evie and Scott had a brush off. It was Bob the 1st Vs Freddy I think it was fun.
    By Mitchell.

    1. I agree with Mitchell, the brush bots battling looks like great fun and It's amazing to see the p5's using technologies confidently to create these little brush bots. Elizabeth (Mitchell's Mum)

  5. Hi class 5
    It was fun making the brush bot robots. My one didn't work but we tried it again and it worked. It was fun watching them go around the table. I would like to do something like that again.
    from Kayla

  6. Hi class 5
    I realy enjioyed doing the brush robots it was fun.
    I liked it how they reacted.
    I liked it when we were in groups it was very fun and exiting.
    Thanck you Ms Mackay you give us very exiting activity
    They are very fun.from Hannah.

  7. Hi P5.
    I realy realy enjoyed makeing the brush bots because I love making things like this. Me and Douglas' is called Billy buzz ! I liked doing it did you ? Thank you so
    much Miss Mackay from Euan.

  8. I like making the brush bots.It funny when they spin.Me and Logan m did not work
    but it was fun. From Euan A

  9. Hi p5
    The brush bots were very cool and it was fun making them. I loved the topic Ms Mackay thank you. I hope we can do stuff like this again

  10. Hi class 5
    It was fun making brush bots. Our one was spinning round fast. I liked Connecting the battery to the toothbrush head. I hope we do more things like this again. Thank you Ms Mackay.

    from Michaela

  11. I think the idea of making brush bots was great.Sadly me and Euan a did not finish.The part we did not manadge was seletaping the wires.From Logan m

  12. Hi Class 5,
    It was fun building the brush bots with Scott. Our one did work and it was green. from Logan H.

  13. Hi p5
    I enjoyed it because me and Victoria's one worked well so we called it Freddy 2.0. I hope we get to do something like this again.Thank you Ms Mackay.
    Mason p5

  14. Hi class5 I loved making the brush bots and making instructions for others to follow.
    Mitchell was my partner and we called the drush bot Freddy. When we were done we went to Scott to do the brush off. Hope we do things like this soon. From Evie

  15. HI class 5 it was fun making brushbot robots. I was working with James. We wrote instructions on how to make a brushbot robot. Ryan

  16. Hi class 5
    It was fun making the brush bot robots. My one didn't work but we tried it again and it
    worked.It was fun watching it go around the table.This activity was great fun I wish we could do more things like this again

  17. Hi class5. It was hard making them .kayla and tilly was my team mates.
    by Adam

  18. One of my favourite things was me and Chloe worked together well. Our brush bot kept going round and round. It was so fun. Thanks Ms Mackay.

    from kacey

  19. Hi class 5.we made brush bots and it was great fun. And we had battles with them.

  20. Hi class 5. I
    It was fun making the brush robots . My bets bit was the brush robots spin in the tray. It was fun writing the instructions.
    I liked how they reacted. From Victoria.

  21. Kacey really enjoyed making the brush bots and had fun experimenting with it.

  22. This looked like a lot of fun. Jessica said she had enjoyed it. Some of them were really fast. Well done. Elaine