Our Dynamic Earth and a story

Today we had a visit from 'Our Dynamic Earth' as part of the Science Festival.
We learned about 'Scotland's Time Lords' - how old the earth is and how Scottish scientists found out.
We saw dinosaur poo and a real meteorite from outer space!
 Here is our timeline:

We finished the day with a story from Ruth Kirkpatrick, and we thought carefully about what skills a good storyteller needs to have. These are skills we may need soon...



  1. Hi class 5
    I enjoyed shaking the stones to make sand.I hope we have another visit like dynamic earth.We learnt that earth is 4.6 billion years old.

  2. Dynamic earth ROCKS! The activities were awesome aswell. I wonder how big earth is? Scott.

  3. Very interesting stuff - great to see the practical examples that the kids can touch and feel to give them an appreciation for just how old the planet actually is.

  4. Hi class 5
    I enjoyed doing the dynamic earth workshop.
    I liked makeing playdough stones and learning that the earth is 4.6 billion years old

  5. Hi class 5
    I reely enjoyed doing our time line because I got the oldest thing in the time line it was 4.60! I reely want to do some thing the same again thank you dynamic earth
    from chloe.

  6. I think it was fun to find out how old earth is and make a timeline about how old certain things in earth are. I am wondering if we are going to do something else like this again soon? Jessica.

  7. Hi class 5
    I like how we got to look at fossils like dinosaur bones it was grat.Andrew

  8. Hi class 5 I enjoyed the visit from dynamic earth. I thought it was cool to touch all of the old rocks and making the timeline. I wish we could do that every week.