Our first trip to Muddisdale

Today we went to Muddisdale our local woodland, where we built some shelters in our groups - 'Willow', 'Rowan' and 'Sycamore'. We had to carry a lot of equipment up with us. When we had built our shelters most of us had hot chocolate made with hot water from the Kelly Kettle - we all used the fire steel to make a spark.

Next we played Kim's Game and then did our Woodland Workout. After lunch we created some gruesome woodland creatures - we are not sure if they were trolls or trows...


  1. I think the trips to muddisdale are excellent especially because we did a woodland
    workout.This time i liked the natiwe walk becuse it was fun thank you from tilly

  2. When we went to Muddisdale the first thing we did was get ready for our nature trail our parents were coming to see. Then we started making our tents.It was very fun to put the tent together. The hot chocolate was great!

  3. Hi class 5.
    It's been great to see what you've been up to.
    I loved your Muddisdale video.

    From Morgan:)

  4. Hi class 5
    I loved are trip it was so fun I realy liked making are stick characters.
    I also liked making the dens.
    Thankyou for such a great trip Ms Mackay.
    From Chloe.

  5. hi class 5 im so happy you have been enjoying a lot of fun filed days so exciting

    from morgan st andrews