Windpower technology

This week we have been finding out about the technology used in windfarms. Some of these windfarms are offshore and need ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) to do jobs under the water and on the sea bed.

The wind turbines are enormous!
We measure out how big the Hatston turbine is in our school playground.

The height of the turbine from base to tip of blade when it sticks straight up - 67m

The length of one blade from the centre to the blade tip.

We have done lots more estimating and measuring this week too.

and more work with electrical circuits...

 If you are feeling energetic this weekend why not get out on your bike and work on those foundation skills! Here is some inspiration from Danny McAskill. and more here talking about how he made the video.

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  1. Looks like there are some promising engineers in P5, what fantastic imaginations you all have. Keep up the great work.

    Avril Fitzpatrick (James' mum)