Making maths movies

We know the best way to find out if we understand something is to see if we can explain it to someone else. This is what we have been trying to do in number at the end of our place value topic.

We have recorded a few of the explanations for our maths channel which you can see below and you can find the maths channel on the sidebar.


  1. Hi class 5
    Very impressive demonstration on how to work with large numbers.You spoke very clearly and made it look very easy. Well done!

    from Sarah (Michaela's mum)

  2. Hello class 5
    Great to see you being so confident working with large numbers, your explanations were very clear, well done!
    Audrey (Euan's mum)

  3. Hello Class 5, Well done on explaining large numbers, I thought you all did really well.Elaine (Jessica's mum)

  4. Hello Class 5
    I really enjoyed this video as you made it look so easy I hope I can use this skills when I need to work out a large number. I will look forward to the next clip ,
    Senga (Mason's mum)

  5. Hi p5 This demo made placing large numbers in numerical order seem easy!! Well done. Elizabeth (Mitchell's Mum)