Tag Rugby

What a great day for our first session of Tag Rugby!
 Let's hope we are as lucky with the weather next time!

Meet the Vikings

We have had a few visitors to our class recently, some of them quite friendly and ready to settle down here in Orkney. Many of them have been on long voyages and have raided monasteries.
They had some beautiful possessions with them - impressive weapons and beautiful jewellery.

Viking board games

The Vikings loved board games. A famous one is called Hnefatafl and spread all over Europe wherever the Vikings went. It was the most popular game before chess.   Jarl Rögnvald Kali Kolsson, boasts about his skill at Tafl in the Orkneyinga Saga, so it was most probably played here in Orkney during Viking times.
We have invented our own board games using chequerboards and playing pieces.

Children in Need 2014

Be a Hero!!
Well done everyone who dressed up for Children in Need.

The Vikings are here!

Armed and dangerous - Viking visitors.
We expect to have a few more Vikings appearing in our class this term...

Creating our own PE games

This week and next week we are trying out some games we have created using some of the skills we have been practising. Today's two games worked really well. The team leaders explained the aims and rules of the game clearly and each game was a huge success. We may even have a PE teacher in the making! Everyone enjoyed being in charge of their time in the PE hall and having a chance to try out their own ideas. Great work Class 5. More next week!

Remember we are going to play Tag Rugby outside starting Tuesday 25th November.

Energy from the wind

Today we had a good amount of wind to take the model turbine out and see it change energy from the wind into light and sound energy, and energy which moves things.