Meet the Vikings

We have had a few visitors to our class recently, some of them quite friendly and ready to settle down here in Orkney. Many of them have been on long voyages and have raided monasteries.
They had some beautiful possessions with them - impressive weapons and beautiful jewellery.


  1. Hello class 5. I am not going to kill or raid you I'm going to be a farmer it's brilliant farmland great for growing crops. I'm going to dock my long ship and build a long house there are no mountains which means no troll's. I came from Sweden it was nice there but there where too many forests so I sailed of and the wind blew me too Orkney I'm glad it did and I'm going to stay here. Hunding The Unsteady

  2. Hello class 5. I visited for a reason to set up a base and farm. The farmland is fantastic here back in Sweden it's like a giant forest. I am going to dock the boat and stay in Orkney. I have a question for all of you why do you have are stuff you've got are combs, pins, jewellery everything. Neri the Elder

  3. Hello class 5 I have remembered all of you especially that boy that showed me something like whale blubber. Its very cold in Norway its almost winter too that will mean it'll be freezing. It was very very colourful in your classroom and I've never seen so many colours. Vika the terror of muddidale.

  4. We come from Denmark we love it hear.We have killed 32 munks.We have been in 6
    60 battels.

    From Alof the wise

  5. Hi class 5.
    I've found a way to get a thing called a Ipad to contact you and I've goten clever by joning a school thay had to change me a bit.
    I see you have a picture of me visiting by the way I had great fun at your school.
    Now I'm back at Iceland where we ight be raiding and thene were going back to Norway because see how you told us about christmas were going to try to learn more about it so we can have cristmas.

    Thankyou for helping us learn.

    From Olga The Vicious.

  6. Hi class 5
    I loved coming to visit you very odd class with lots of weired things we vikings don't have or see. Everything is so coularfull here but in are houses we don't have anything coularfull.It was intresting learning all these things the vikings don't have.
    from Halldis The Strong

  7. Hi class 5 I travelled back to Norway and told the other Viking I have stopped being a Viking. And started being what you called archaeologist. I want to get my stuff back thanks for everything. from Hamal the terrible your next.

  8. Helo p5 I am still mad about you having our stuff.
    I think this place is a good base for planning unless we find a better place like this place called England.
    I have killed 50 monks and burned 25 monasteries.
    I came from norway.
    from hak the insane

  9. Hi class 5. It was nice being in Orkney but I still like Sweden better. All the clothes are very different from our clothes. It was quite windy so it blew my ship over a little bit. It was a very nice place and I would love to come back and raid. From Kara The Elder

  10. Hi class 5
    I come from norway. I came here to settle. I eat animal and fish.It is nice here.There is a lot of land. I have killed about 5 monks.

    From Bestla black tooth

  11. Hi class 5.
    I came from Denmark and I am called Thoirstein the goose farmer . I have killed 32 monks , burnt down 15 monasteries and went on 19 voyages in my long ship with my crew of 60 men . From Thoirstein the goose farmer .

  12. Hi Class 5. I enjoyed my visit, I think I might settle and use your land as a base for fighting. There is good farmland here and there is plenty of meat and fish. Bild the Spearmaster.

  13. Hi class5
    I enjoyed visiting your very weird classroom.
    I still don't know why you have our stuff at the back of the room.
    I have succeeded with killing 123 monks.
    So if I don't get a answer YOU WILL BE NEXT Gunner the clever.

  14. hi class p5m Iam staing at denmark it is very nice there I have killed.
    45 munks
    from sigrid the black tooth

  15. hi class5 I dont get how youv got our things but I dont mind I came from irland im thinking of setling doun. I mite take gold and silver but thats it.
    from hak the brave.

  16. Hi P5M, I loved my visit to your odd classroom, as you call it. I sailed across the seas to Orkney with all the men and while the men raided I stayed in the boat and kept it ashore. The men came back with lots of treasure. My children are very clever for their age and would love to have met you. Hope to see you again, you very odd people, Sigrid the Terrible.

  17. We came from Iceland we sort of raided. I think we mite stey a day or two. I have killed 56 men and lost my shipmats in battle and all the clean water to. I will be back.From Barri the evil doer.

    1. sound really scary Barri the evil doer, you can have our clean water but please leave us and don't ever return
      from Tofa the twisted (James' mum)

  18. hi class 5 I come from Norway I am a Viking I will raid Orkney and we will live here.
    We like to farm and we like bread. Thorstein the Vieious

  19. Hi Class 5, I bet you were scared when we came. We came because its not that cold here in Orkney. We followed other Vikings and thought it was not too bad. We will go back to Norway because we thought it could be a base but people are already there. Hak the Berserker.

  20. I am Ivar the Berserker and love it over here although it's a bit windier than my homeland in Denmark...
    Some of the other vikings seem a bit scary but they're big softies really.... .SKOL (Jessica's Dad)

  21. Hello peeps
    I am back and thinking to stay here and have a farm. The town street thing is great but I have no money but I steel stuff at night. Hope to see you soon.
    Sigrid TheTerrible

  22. Hi class5.
    I loved dressing up as Vikings and I loved the topic to.
    It's so sad that we are going to stop the topic and I hope we do something like this in the future.
    From Evie