Tag Rugby

What a great day for our first session of Tag Rugby!
 Let's hope we are as lucky with the weather next time!


  1. Hi class 5 it was fun doing tag rugby doing all the worm ups and games i am looking forword to the next week of rugby. from Mitchell

  2. Hi class 5 tag rugby was raely good I won the first round at tag rugby
    it was ausom it was grait.

    from hannah

  3. Hi class 5.
    The tag rugby was awsome. The game I liked best was british bull dogs.The way to play is were there is two teams one is in a line across the field in the middle and the other team is at one end of the field with a ball. They have to run to the other side without geting caught. If you get caught you have to go to the other team.Aria

  4. Hi class 5. It was super fun playing tag rugby together.The game I liked the most is british bull dogs.The simple way to play it is there are two teams.One team has balls they have to run to the other side.The other is in the middle and they have to catch the other team.If you get caught you join the other team.I can't wait for next week.From Jessica.