The Vikings are here!

Armed and dangerous - Viking visitors.
We expect to have a few more Vikings appearing in our class this term...


  1. Hi class 5.
    It was nice being at Orkney but I think I might go back Norway. There is lot's of cool stuff here that us viking don't have. It is a cool place and I will maybe come back to raid some time. It sounds like you eat different food than us because you don't seem to like some of are food . from Bestla the Vicious.

  2. Hi class 5 I have travelled many places and this one has been the best place because it has better farm animals ohhoho there so tasty I can take every animal from Orkney. I have seen a monk climb in a window before and I took my kitchen knife and of the head it went oh I love it when I do that I wonder how you live it must be fantastic but it is better being a Viking for what I can say anyway. And I can say this place is far better than Norway and another thing I must say I shall live here without an invitation hahahahahahehehehehohohohoh Olaf the strong I will get you hiccup...........hiccup...........hiccup.....