St Magnus Cathedral tree lighting diorama

Thank you electrical engineers!
We have been working on a diorama, or model, of the cathedral with the tree and Christmas lights. Our three electrical engineers have completed four lamp posts with a circuit using bulbs and a torch battery. It looks quite magical when the classroom lights are switched off. Please visit this post again to see more photos - we will be finishing off the diorama over the next few days, and adding 'ourselves'.
Here we are in our own diorama...
and here we are at the real cathedral!


  1. Hi class 5. I think Mason, Euan and Andrew did great work on the diorama. My favourite bit is the street lights and the snow it looks great!

  2. Hi p5M
    Well done boys the lights are great. The lights were still working this morning. Andrew, Euan and Mason you should be very proud of your selfs.

  3. Hi class 5. I liked making the street lamps. Only three of us did it and we were a great team.In the end it looked fantastic.I wish we could do something like that again.
    Mason p5

  4. I feal like the boys loved making the sercit. The boys worked so hard. It was grate to see it work.When i saw it i was guted. From James. :-)

  5. Hi class 5.
    I love our Cathedrell it is so relistic and the lights look amazing.
    It's getting me exited for st lucia peformence.
    From chloe.

  6. well done boys you have put a lot of effort in to this it looks good by kacey

  7. Hi class 5

    You have put a lot of effort in to make a cathedral. It looks really nice.
    well done Mason, Andrew and Euan!

    From Michaela

  8. hi class5 that looks cool it must have took days to build that it looks like it was fun to build but hard.
    from logan h

  9. Hello class 5.
    Me,Mason and Andrew wired all the lamp posts. I think we enjoyed it. It is much much harder than it looks it took two days. It has a lot of mesureing.Over all I think it was fun!

  10. Hello class 5.
    I think Euan H and Andrew and Mason worked hard on the lighting. We did good on the church and trees.
    From Logan m

  11. Hi class 5
    Well done boys for making the street lights for the cathedral scene for the tree lighting. It looked liked you had fun. Would you want to do it again?
    from Kayla

  12. I enjoy makeing the st magnus cathedral. Logan H wass my partner and we had a lot of fun makeing thr window of the cathedral.
    from Victoria

  13. Hi p5m
    Well done boys for such a success of making the lights work for the scene. Well done to all the people who did the trees . well done for the making of the Cathedrle it looks very good.

  14. Hi class 5 I love your cathedral & street lamps. The tree is awesome I wish had a mini tree like it. Ryan

  15. Hi class 5. I think that the boys did an amazing job on the street lights.The tree is so pretty. Do you think you would want to do something like this another time?.From Jessica.

  16. Your model looks fantastic! I am sure you have learned a lot and had great fun.
    Miss Falconer