Blackhouse Challenge

Today we had an hour to make a model which showed the inside of a blackhouse. There were extra points for good layout. The most successful teams communicated well and managed their time effectively. Well done everyone - there were some super details in each of the houses.


  1. Hi class 5. It was really fun making the box black houses. I enjoyed making the mini box bed. I think all of the groups did really well. All of the materials were quite useful and helped make them even better. From Jessica.

  2. Hi class 5.It was so fun making the models. I really liked making the box black houses. I think everyone in the class had fun a one point. I also liked learning about black houses. From Douglas

  3. Hi class 5
    I Enjoyed making the black house eventhough I wasn't here for the whole thing. The thing I enjoyed the most was making the stools. I liked other groups ones as well. I think we got a good amount of points. We came second with 14 points. The team that came first had 16 points.
    From Kayla

  4. Ithink we did realy well together because we did teamwork very well to gether and we each did diffrent things from each other and we did eaquwall things as well.