Reading, playing, dancing.

On Thursday our readers went back down to the nursery to visit and evaluate how they think their reading sessions went. We think they were very successful and we hope we can do some more reading with the pre-schoolers sometime.

 At golden time the energy and forces group improved on last week's marble run and got the marble to get all the way down the corridor and caught it in a cup! They are getting more successful every time they build their run. The construction group used K'nex to make some interesting models and machines.
Our week ended with some Scottish traditional dancing at PE. This fits in well with our Scotland topic as we find out about the history of Scottish culture and traditions, and its good fun.


  1. Hi p5M
    On Thursday going down to the Pre schools was fun because we have been going down there for the last three week and have had fun.We went down to get a photo token and to say what we liked to do with them.So we said what about a play before we read. So I don't know about that. Then on Friday we did strip the willow in PE and it was fun but hard. Thank you Ms Mackay.

  2. Fantastic looking marble runs. It looks very challenging, did they take a long time to set up?
    James' mum