The Water Horse

We have been watching The Water Horse based on the novel by Dick King Smith. The author used traditional Scottish legends about kelpies and The Loch Ness Monster to creaste a story about a boy who finds a mysterious egg on the shore.

Now it is our turn to write our version of the Scottish tale. I wonder what kind of creatures will be in our stories? Who will the main character be? What will happen to them in the story? Stay tuned to find out!

In maths we have been estimating and measuring weight using a 2 pan balance, and recording grams and kilograms in different ways.

Meanwhile some of us have gone down to the Nursery for the last three weeks on Thursday afternoons to read to the youngest children in our school. Have a look at their blog here.


  1. Hi class 5

    I enjoyed making the water horse. It was fun making it and it was a messy job. I would like to do somthing like that again. I enjoyed weighing things like sand, bags, books, bean bags and lots more.
    From Kayla

  2. I knaw about g's gut I didn't no about kg's. 1 000g = 1 kg. I was surprised that sand was so heavy. From James.