Debating season

Its debating time in P5M. We started off thinking about school uniform. Should we have a national kilt and tie school uniform in Scotland for all schools? What do you think? 
A lot of us think it looks smart!

The next topic is going to be - 'Should we introduce native animals species like wolf, lynx, boar and beaver? What do you think? What topics would you like to debate?


  1. Hi Class 5- I think a kilt uniform would look great! :) Also, I am a great fan of those animals as they live in Canada, the country I'm from. Rachel Clancy (Aria's mum)

  2. Hi class 5
    I think the kilt uniform is a good idea and will look very good on everyone!:}
    I also think the animals should be realest into the wild

  3. Hi class 5 I liked the kilt idea because it will be respectful to are ancestors and our own clans. I hope we can get Mrs Miller to change the school uniform. From James.

  4. Hi class 5

    I enjoyed doing the debate because I liked my opinion. I was on the no side but I still don't want to wear a kilt to school. It does look smart but I don't want to wear a kilt to school because you would get cold outside.

    You need to think about what your going to say before you start. I liked that we sat in a long row for it.

    I would like to suggest this as a topic for a debate to put beavers back in Scotland.

    From Michaela

  5. Hi class 5. I think having a kilt as a school uniform would be awesome. It would be good if we had a debate about if we had a choice of wearing a hat with the school logo on it. It was fun doing the debate but it was hard to make a point if you wanted to make one. Mason p5

  6. Hi class 5 i think we should have kilts because it is comfortable and fun to wear.
    It was fun doing the debate because you need a good thing to say.
    Euan A

  7. Hi class 5. I would enjoyed haveing kilt as Glaitness school unifrom in sted of the normal unifrom at Glaitness school becuse it will keep you warm outside in the playground and i also enjoyed the debate and i also enjoed hearing what everybody had to say at the debate. From Victoria

  8. Hi class 5. I liked that you were aloud to say any thing about the topic. I think the skills I used were working with others, approach challenges positively. I think our next topic should be if we think myths are real.

  9. Hi class 5.
    The debate was so much fun! I lerned lots of new thing like how to give feedback. We haid to solve lots of problems. i thind the next debate should be about galik and french.
    From Evie

  10. Hi class 5. I enjoyed having a class debate it was fun to listen to different peoples opinions.The skills I used were approach challenges positively and working with others. I think the next topic for our debate should be learning more things about whats outside.Jessica.

  11. Hi class 5
    I enjoyed dressing up it was fun I liked it becuse it was fun whent to show eveyone what it look like on me and I liked doing the detating thing it was fun as well.
    from tilly

  12. Hi P5M
    I enjoyed the debate because all the boys were positive that they were going to win the debate and all the girls were very positive as well. It was hard to get some of us to stand up and say our side but I used the skills of allmoset sollving that problem. I think we should have a debate about what reading books to have.

  13. Hello class 5.
    I liked the debating because it was fun and intresting. We could debate about if we perfer cats or dogs.
    From Logan M

  14. Hi class 5.
    I enjoyed having a debate was fun. I would like to do another one. but I don't know what kind of one I would like to do.The skills I used was working with others listining.

    From Chloe.

  15. Hi Class 5- I think the debate went well and first I thought it would be wierd. But when I saw Tilly with the kilt on it looked quite cool. I think we should have kilts for school.

  16. Hi P5
    I enjoyed having our debate I think I learned how to make a good argument and how to make a point . I think we should debate about myths. Euan H

  17. HI CLASS 5! I think kilts are a good idea for school uniform and the debate was fun!
    Standing up and saying my opinion was fun but I was against it!
    Now I'm wanting to have kilts for school uniform so I'm happy! Scott.

  18. Hi p5 I think having a debate was interesting because if I go to a real debate I will know what to do. like thinking before you speak and think of a point it was fun having a discussion about kilts I hope I can where a kilt fore a school uniform.

    From Mitchell

  19. Hi class 5 i hope Mrs Miller lets us wear kilts for our school uniform at school ery on has to wear the kilts for school.

    From Cady

  20. Hi class 5
    I enjoyed having the debate because we did one before and I wanted to do another one. I think the way it was set out was good. I would like to do a debate on Gaelic or French because we were choosing which language we wanted to choose. I can't choose if I want Gaelic or French because I would like to learn French because I just want to and I would like to speak Gaelic because its the language people in Scotland speak.
    from Kayla

  21. Hi class 5.
    I enjoyed debating in class. I enjoyed saying my opinion.
    Kilts are warm and snug and fluffy. Myths and legends.

  22. Hi class 5.
    I like the idea to whare kilts because thay are warm and you can't fall over on them.
    from Logan H.

  23. I think kilts are very smart, but maybe a bit drafty. How about some tartan breeks.
    On your next topic up for discussion, I think lynx are very beautiful but I am no sure I would like to come face to face with one when I was having my picnic. Great debate. Susan Moodie (Scotts mum)

  24. Hi Class 5, it seems like you all learnt a lot of new skills with debating. I think it's a bit too windy in Orkney for all year round kilt wearing! There must be a reason why kilts are now mainly only worn for special occasions?
    Keep up the good work Elizabeth (Mitchell's Mum)