An assembly, a newspaper, some eggs and bananas... and a little bit of direction...

 The last few weeks of this term have been very hectic preparing for our assembly so here is a quick summary of our activities.
We have been learning about instructions for directions. This is very similar to coding and programming toys except we used each other with one person as the coder and the other as the 'robot'. we invented 2 games which we shared and each group tried out the other groups' game.

Back in class we got to grips with compass points and how to divide up 360 degrees and made maps with instructions for other groups. We swapped round to try them out.
Craig Taylor from The Orcadian came in to tell us all about how a newspaper works and what his job involved. We created some good questions for him and took notes ourselves in preparation for our own newspaper 'The Glaitness Herald' - coming soon!
Finally after much preparation, and with the help of Mrs Linklater our drama teacher, and Chris Giles and Gill Smee from the local Fair Trade group, we completed our script and presented our assembly on Fair Trade bananas.
Back in the gym with Ms Mackay we continued our better Movers and Thinkers lessons with more coordinated moves and a little bit of juggling! What a challenge that was - with impressive results!
Finally it was time to think about Easter and reflect on the Easter story with a few traditional activities. Beautiful eggs everyone!

Meanwhile at golden time two technology teams have emerged and are now competing with each other in vehicle races.

Phew! Time for a break!
Happy Easter everyone!

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