Multiplication movies

We have been explaining three strategies for multiplying mentally - splitting tens and units, doubling and halving and adjusting. Here are some of our videos. You can see more on the P5 maths channel. The link to P5 Maths TV is in the sidebar.


  1. Hi class 5 at first when i did the movies I was confused but when i put a bit of effort and had a go I understand it better. So I get it better now.

    From Mitchell

  2. Hi class 5. I enjoyed being in the maths video. It was fun to learn about doubling and halving and then explaining it to others. I think everyone who was in the maths video did a great job and explained it well. I would love to be in another video and have fun. From Jessica.

  3. Hi class 5 at first I was confused abit but I say never give up but if you cant do it stop for a little bit then try again but after a while you might need a little help from a aduld but try to do it your self.

  4. Hi class 5

    I loved the multiplication and it was fun when we made the video.It was so easy working out the sum.At the start it was a bit confusing but I got it.From James.

  5. Hi class 5

    I enjoyed learning about doubling + halving it looks very fun

    From Ryan

  6. Hi class 5. I enjoyed making the math movie it was hard to get it right the first time. I think this would help people who could not understand.
    Mason p5

  7. Hi class 5.
    well done for your amazing mathamatic videos.I hope we could do something like it again. one again well done.

    from Chloe.