Is it a solid...? Is it a liquid...?

We are finding out about the properties of solids, liquids and gases. 
The problem is some substances behave like both liquids and solids!

We made oobleck...

a non-Newtonian liquid or thixatropic gel

and we made flubber...

a liquid that behaves like a solid, or a solid that behaves like a liquid?

Bag the Bruck 2015

This year P5, P6, P5/6/7 and Some P7s teamed up to Bag the Bruck at Scapa. I total we filled 23 bags with rubbish. A lot of it was bits of rope, netting, creels, cord and string as well as packing bands and plastic sheet from discarded bait boxes from fishing boats that was partially buried in the sand. We dug and pulled a lot of it out and there is plenty more marine litter at the roadside. We hope some adults will go and pick that stuff up this week. 

Here are some of our photos - everyone worked hard right up til the last minute and enjoyed a great day outside. 

We collected 23 bags of marine litter and a pile of bits too big to go in a bag as well.

Well done litter warriors!

Materials - clay

We have started investigating some materials. Today we worked with clay and thought about its properties and qualities. 

We began by 'harvesting' words about clay with scrap pieces.

Then in pairs we made two different types of pots.

One person in each pair made a pinch pot and the other made a coil pot.

It wasn't as easy as it looks - but good fun...

Here are the words which we gathered about clay: