Bag the Bruck 2015

This year P5, P6, P5/6/7 and Some P7s teamed up to Bag the Bruck at Scapa. I total we filled 23 bags with rubbish. A lot of it was bits of rope, netting, creels, cord and string as well as packing bands and plastic sheet from discarded bait boxes from fishing boats that was partially buried in the sand. We dug and pulled a lot of it out and there is plenty more marine litter at the roadside. We hope some adults will go and pick that stuff up this week. 

Here are some of our photos - everyone worked hard right up til the last minute and enjoyed a great day outside. 

We collected 23 bags of marine litter and a pile of bits too big to go in a bag as well.

Well done litter warriors!


  1. Hi class 5. It was terrible how much litter we got we got about 23 bags. We hardly had to move to find rope,plastic or metal. It's shocking how much litter comes on to the beach from miles away. But its fun to pick up litter because you know you are helping animals.
    From douglas

  2. Hi class 5.
    I enjoyed cleaning up the beach yesterday.We have probulary save a lot of animals lives. even though me and my group was very disapointed with all the ropes we I hope others will help even more animals by doing bag the bruck as well.

    From Chloe.

  3. Hi class 5.
    I was amazed at how much litter we found on the beach. There was a lot of old rope. we filed 23 big bags. They were very heavy because there was so much litter.

  4. Hi class 5 I enjoyed cleaning up scapa beach because if it wasent for us and peopel all around the world the sea animals would be dead well most of them.I love doing bag the bruck my group found tuns of ropes and other groups did to we collected 23 bags of litter I was dierd after picking and tuging all the ropes and other litter that was around REMEMBER DONT DROP LITTER and pout it in the bin.

  5. Hello Class 5. When we were doing bag the bruck we filled so many bags and it was we did AMAZINNG. we filled 23 bags of rubbish and we found monster sized ropes.
    most of the rubbish was sailors ropes and bits of nets. I was digging and found bits of rubbish like buried treasure! Scott p5.

  6. Hi class 5. I enjoyed when we did bag the bruck because it was challenging to get submerged rope from underneath the sand at Scapa. It was also fun when you got another group to help you pull the thing from underneath the sand because the person that was pulling at the end always fell over. I wish that we could do this again.
    Mason p5

  7. Hi p5
    It was fun being litter busters we collected 22 full bag of litter?! We found lots of ropes and dangerous plastic .The walk back to school made me want to go to bed when I got home.GO BAG THE BRUCK.
    From Logan M.

  8. Hi class 5. I had so much fun at Scapa. I loved picking up all the litter and making the beach much cleaner. We all got into groups and my group found so much rope. Then we went to the toilet to wash our hands and eat lunch. When I was eating lunch I saw a little jumping bug. When one group found a giant rope and needed help to pull it out my group came to help and we got the rope out. When we left we had filled twenty three bags of litter. The beach is cleaner now there is still some litter but we picked up as much as we could. I would love to do this again. From Jessica.

  9. Hi class 5 when all my group did bad the bruck we all found long long ropes and wooden planks and worst of all plastic it was amazing how much bags we got. 23 bags is astonishing and not that but we have done a fantastic job cleaning the beach.
    But it is disappointing how much we found. BAD THE BRUCK.
    By Mitchell

  10. Hi class 5
    I enjoyed bag the bruck yesterday. I picked up a lot of the little bits of string and rope we found a few bottles with water in them and some big bits of rope that lots of people were digging. It was fun eating lunch at the stones. we also found a wilk some people called it Jim-bob and some people called it sandy. there was a lot of plastic in the sand dunes. One group found a bucket There was only one problem the sand kept going in peoples eyes. It was a tiring walk back to school my feet were still sore when I went to bed last night.

    From Kayla

  11. Hi class 5
    I liked being a litter buster we gathered 23 FULL BAGS OF LITTER from 10:30 to 2:30. We found so much rope witch could kill seals, paper bags witch turtles get mixed up with jelly fish and choke on them. DONT LITTER BUT YOU CAN BAG THE BRUCK!!!!! Euan H

  12. Hi class 5.
    I loved it at scapa but by the time we all got back to school my legs were ded and i had the hicups but it was still relly fun. I never want to walk to scapa agen so next time I hope we take a bus. I thot there wood not be much litter but there was loads! I wonser who is throwing all this rope and litter in to the sea thay should now better. it was sad to see all that litter on one beach. i would like to do this some other time but mabe take a bus to scapa.
    From Evie

  13. Hi class 5 it was a blast when we got to the beach we got so much rubbish. We where gone for 3 hours and 30 minutes. I loved it when we got back so we could rest. From James

  14. Hi class P5M
    I liked going to the bech yesterday when we were walking up to the bech me and Victora were singing all the way ther.It was fun tring to pull the rop out of the sand and runing arond picing up litter and when we got back to school my legs were ded.
    By Tilly

  15. Hi class 5 I had lots of fun there was lots of rope. And my friend Kayla found a grottie buckie and there was a whelk and me and kayla called it jim bob smith .We got 23 bags of rubbish . We where at scapa for 2 hour.
    From Kacey

  16. Hi
    class 5 when we got to the beech we were exhausted. But we set of to worked.

  17. Hi class 5 I really enjoyed doing Bag The Bruck think it was very fun and very annoying because the sand kept on going in my eyes but that is just the sand and because of the wind and it was going in my hair I was realy wanting to go to sleep but yet again I wanted to go in the shower as well. I wish that we can do more of this next time. you Miss Mackay.

    By Hannah

  18. Hi Class 5,
    What a wonderful bunch of litter warriors you are. Scapa beach is much safer for sea creatures and 23 x more pleasant for visitors to stroll upon.
    Thank you for all your hard work P5, it has really made a difference.
    James' mum

  19. Well done Class 5, you are all brilliant! Thank you for helping all the wildlife and for keeping our beautiful beaches looking lovely!
    From Outdoor Orkney :-)

  20. Well done Class 5. Scapa is looking much better no, ace job! Elizabeth (Mitchell's Mum)