Is it a solid...? Is it a liquid...?

We are finding out about the properties of solids, liquids and gases. 
The problem is some substances behave like both liquids and solids!

We made oobleck...

a non-Newtonian liquid or thixatropic gel

and we made flubber...

a liquid that behaves like a solid, or a solid that behaves like a liquid?


  1. Hi class 5
    I relly enjoyed making flubber yesterday and making oobleck if anyone trys it be sure to tell them about if its a liquid or a solid i loved it becaue the flubber flatted it self out unlike the oobleck it was runny and slimes and sticky.Makeing cool things rock because it was relly interesting and gooy slimy and icky and i hope we could do something like that again some other time PLEASE.
    From Cady.

  2. Hi p5
    Flubber and oobleck feels and is weird I could not tell if it was solid or liquid. Flubber is all gooey and icky and oobleck is hard and squashy. We tried to bery my hand in the oobleck.
    From Logan M.

  3. Hi class 5.
    I really enjoyed making oobleck and seeing flubber. Ive made oobleck before and I think its a liquid because it take shape of its container and same with the flubber.
    my favorite thing about the oobleck is when you put presure on it goes solid but if you leve it it becomes a solid but with flubber its stretchy but stil takes shape of its container as well.
    From Chloe.

  4. I loved it wen we got to play with it even with rubber gloves on it was freezing. I wish we can make more flubber. From James p5.

  5. Hi class 5

    I really enjoyed doing the Oobleck and Flubber. The Oobleck was a solid in the tray but when I put it in my hand it turned into a liquid. The Flubber was very bouncy and squishy.

    From Michaela

  6. Hi class 5. Oobleck is amazing it's made of water, cornflower and food colouring. It's odd because it flows like a liquid but its hard when you touch it. Flubber it's so cold and it's made of hot water , borax and more hot water. But I really enjoyed playing with oobleck and flubber. By douglas

  7. Hi class 5. It was so fun making the oobleck and flubber. To make oobleck we poured one cup of water into a tray then one cup of cornflour then we mixed them together and put more cornflour in. Then we put blue food colouring in. When I picked up the oobleck it was solid but then it got really runny and ran down my fingers. To make the flubber we poured one cup of pva glue into a tub. Then we poured in one and a half cups of water into the tub. Then one cup of borax went into the tub. Then we poured in one cup of water and a third into the tub. Then we mixed them all together. We poured the flubber into a tray and it spread out into the tray. The flubber was really jumpy. From Jessica.

  8. Hi class 5.
    I enjoyed learning how to make Flubber .It was cold and very slimy .

  9. Hi class 5- Making oobleck was fun. To make it we used corn flour, water and food colouring and mixed it all together. It was hard to tell if it was a liquid or a solid because it tried to take the shape of the tray but if you put pressure on it, it would become a solid. Aria

  10. I love the flubber you made it was fun I got to play with it. It felt funny and squishy.

  11. Hi class 5.
    I loved making oobleck and flubber the flubber felt like rubber and oobleck well I dont know what to say its so weerd hard and runny all at the same time. This is something I want to do more often. I wonder what thay use flubber and oobleck for?
    From Evie.

  12. Hi class 5. I enjoyed making the oobleck and playing with the flubber because it felt gooey, mushy, squidgy and gloopy. The oobleck was weird because it looked like it was a liquid but when you poked the oobleck it goes solid. The flubber felt like goo one of the flubber batches was green and it looked like flubber out of the movie.
    Mason p5

  13. Hi class 5
    I enjoyed making the gloop it was realy hard to mix. It was also fun playing with the flubber got all of the flubber of the tray. It was funny because Chloe and Cady were paying a game with the spoons and the flubber where you have to get a little bit of flubber and drop it on to the others spoon with out dropping it and if you drop it you'r out. It was fun playing with the gloop. I got it all over my hands right up to my wrists. Thanks Mrs Wragg,Mrs Thomson and Ms Mackay

    From Kayla

  14. Hi Class 5! when we were making the oobleck it was fun MESSY fun. We got to play with it and it felt so weird but it was still fun! We used water and corn flour to make it. we also made flubber miss Ragg used PVA glue, hot water and borax. After a few minutes the flubber was able to be picked up it was a little bit cold. Scott

  15. Hi class 5
    I really enjoyed making oobleck because it was solid when we touched it and act like a liquid when we didn't touch. I also enjoyed playing with the flubber because it was bouncy and stretchy . I like are topic materials.

  16. Hi class 5.
    It was fun playing with the oobleck and the flubber .
    My favourite was the flubber because if you stick your finger in it it sticks.
    And the oobleck is just goopy.
    From Logan H

  17. HI class 5 .

    I enjoyed making flubber and playing with oobleck the oobleck was like a liquid and a solid and it was so slimy and gooey and the flubber was fun to make the flubber .

    from Victoria

  18. Hi class 5

    I had fun doing the Oobleck and Flubber. The Oobleck was a solid and then a liquid. The flubber was a grity texture and was very gloopy .

    From Kacey

  19. Hi class 5
    I loved playing with oobleak and flubber. We made instructions for them both of them.
    They were both a ................ LIQUID!!!
    THANK YOU Mrs mackay mrs rag and mrs thomson for making this possible!!! I think the whole class enjoyed it THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!
    From Euan H

  20. Hi class 5 making the oobleck was fun all we had to do is pour cornflower into a tray
    then add some water and food colouring into it. To I think oobleck and flubber is a liquid and a little bit of a solid but when you touch the oobleck it is hard and runny and if you touch flubber it is absolutely runny but hard. I would like to in the school fair I would like to have a oobleck challenge when you have to run across the oobleck and sit in it. to see how can sit in it the longest.
    By Mitchell

  21. Hi class 5 I enjoyed making the oobleck and even though we didn't make the flubber it was still very fun playing with.The oobleck was very sticky and I think that it is a liquid because when it was in the tray it tried to meet with the corners. The flubber was quite sticky as well and it was really really bouncy.

    By Hannah