Preparing for the School Fair, golf and felted pebbles

Getting ready for the School Fair on teh 6th of June has involved a great deal of planning and designing and skilled paintwork. The next stage involved marketing and display and pricing our products. At one stage our classroom resembled a very efficient production line!

This week as well as working hard on The Glaitness Herald we had two club golf sessions with Catherine Johnson of Active Schools. It was great fun and took lot of concentration. Read our comments about it below.

We finished off our pebbles and took them home. 
It was hard work to get the fleece to felt and we got some 'interesting' results!

The Paper Bag Challenge and felting with fleece

 This week we continued investigating the properties of paper by setting ourselves a challenge with newspapers. We found out how strong newspaper really is, how folding layering and rolling it into spills can make it really strong and that a design is only as strong as it's joins!

We started finding out about fleece and have begun with felting a pebble.

Of course we still have to do maths - this week improper fractions - fractions are fun!

The Glaitness Herald interviews...

This week we have been listening to and interviewing invited guests for the Glaitness Herald.
Looking back at a copy of The Orkney Herald for 1919 - it was a very different kind of newspaper. There were no pictures and no real headlines.
The biggest print on the front page was an advertisement for SEA BOOTS!

Our first visitor was Scottish Champion Powerlifter Ruth Pottinger.
We found out about the different types of lifting that happen in a competition and did some maths with her. We also found out about what it takes to achieve your goals. 

More to come in our class newspaper...

We also wanted to find out about the proposed Broad Street development so we asked a planner from the Council, Michael Harvey, and Councillor Leslie Manson in to our class.
We learned a lot about how the council works and how developments like this happen.
We had lots of good ideas ourselves for making the street better.

We are looking forward to writing our own reports and sharing them in our own newspaper. We will share more of the topics we research as we find out about them here. 

Paper making

We have been finding out how paper is made. We use it everyday but don't really think about where it comes from. 

           While we were preparing the mixture we thought about adjectives which describe the pulp.

Tag Rugby Festival and Tournament 2015

Today we enjoyed the Tag Rugby Festival in sunshine at The Picky outfields.
Schools from all around Orkney had teams participating.

We had great fun!
Though we didn't win any prizes for rugby we awarded ourselves with the Eco-team Award for the best Waste-free packed lunches.