The Glaitness Herald interviews...

This week we have been listening to and interviewing invited guests for the Glaitness Herald.
Looking back at a copy of The Orkney Herald for 1919 - it was a very different kind of newspaper. There were no pictures and no real headlines.
The biggest print on the front page was an advertisement for SEA BOOTS!

Our first visitor was Scottish Champion Powerlifter Ruth Pottinger.
We found out about the different types of lifting that happen in a competition and did some maths with her. We also found out about what it takes to achieve your goals. 

More to come in our class newspaper...

We also wanted to find out about the proposed Broad Street development so we asked a planner from the Council, Michael Harvey, and Councillor Leslie Manson in to our class.
We learned a lot about how the council works and how developments like this happen.
We had lots of good ideas ourselves for making the street better.

We are looking forward to writing our own reports and sharing them in our own newspaper. We will share more of the topics we research as we find out about them here. 


  1. i hope you are having a great time from Euan

    1. Hi Euan i hope you are having a good time at school. Is school any different over there because I think you are missing out alot here.I hope you are settling in nicely at your new school. Mason p5

    2. Hi Euan
      We are having a great time, how is your new school? We have a news paper called the Glaitness herld it has not been made I hope you are happy in your new home were are you? Is your teacher nice? I hope to here from you again very soon.
      From the OTHER Euan! (Euan H)

  2. Hi class 5

    I thought that the Orkney Hearld was very interesting and it was still in good condition from that many years ago. I really enjoyed having Ruth in. The bit I enjoyed the most was when Me, Logan M, Kayla and James went up and tried to lift the 20kg weight.It was a bit heavy. It was interesting having Leslie Manson and Michael Harvey in to tell us about the Broad Street development. They showed us pictures of Broad Street in the past and it doesn't look that different.

    From Michaela

  3. Hi class 5. I liked seeing such an old newspaper from 1919.It was a good that Scott found it. It was interesting to hear about Routh and powerlifting. I liked asking her questions because she always had a good awnser. I also liked being in the Broad Street group. A planner and a Counciler came in to tell us about the changes that might be made to Broad Street. I can't wait to write an article with my group about it. When Routh came in nine people from the class got to go on some scales I weighed 25kg. I can't wait for someone else to come in. From Jessica.

  4. Hi class 5 I was very exited when Ruth came in to talk to the class I was busy first Ruth came in then Michael Harvey and Leslie Madison came in it is funny coming in and not having any visitors in I wonder How is coming in next.
    By Mitchell

  5. Hi class 5. It was funny watching Michaela , Logan M, Kayla and James trying to lift 20kg. It was interesting having Leslie Manson and Michael Harvey in the class and hearing about broad street and all the ideas that the council was given. It was nice having all this information for the glaitness herald. from Douglas

  6. Hi class 5.
    I enjoyed having Ruth in to tell us all about power lifting and the different lifts you can do. I also enjoyed having Leslie Mason and Michael Harvey in to tell us about broad street and we got to see pictures of broad street.

    From Chloe.

  7. Hi class 5.
    It is so much fun making the Glaitness Herald because we get to meet pepole like Ruth Pottinger. It was so cool seeying her in reel life. I hope we can see her agen some time.
    From Evie

  8. Hi p5. I can't stop thinking about the exercise that we are going to do with Roth. when I grow up I whish I could be a power lifter. From James

  9. Hi p5
    I enjoyed interviewing Ruth and leslie manson and michael harvey Broad Street has not changed much. My favorioute bit was when I had to lift the 20K on my own it was REALLY HEAVY.
    From Logan M

  10. Hi class 5
    I liked meeting Ruth she is very strong her best is 55kg that is very heavy.
    I also liked meeting Leslie mason and Michael Harvey they came and toked about the broad street development.
    From Logan H

  11. Hi class 5
    I thought that It would be really interasting and I think that it was a good idea and a very struggling job as well as a really great job.
    From Cady

  12. Hi Class 5! The Glaitness herald that we're working on is getting to the of stage that
    we could add pictures. the Orkney herald that I brought in was from 1919! But it is in good condition. the visit from ruth was cool and she can lift a lot of wieght! The visit from the counciler and the planner was intresting they showed us the broad street in the past and not that long ago and now. Tanks from Scott

  13. Hi class 5. I loved having Roth in I hope we publish a good news paper with the questions we got.Andrew

  14. Hi class 5.
    I enjoyed having Ruth in. It was funny watching Logan m, Kayla, James & Michaela lifting 20KG. It is amazing that Ruth can lift 9 P5s.

    From Ryan

  15. Hi Class 5, I really enjoyed seeing Scott's newspaper that he brought in. It was really interesting and it was very old. Then Ruth came in to tell us how she got on in the powerlifting competition and she might come and help us set up a circuit. Then Councillor Leslie Manson came in and told us about Broad Street and a planner, Michael Harvey, came with him. It was really spending time with al these people and please could we go to a Council meeting? Grace

  16. Hi class p5m
    I thought that the Glatness Hearld was very intresting I liked Ruth couming in and shoing us her weights. And when we were trying to pick them up I thought it prity hevie the best thing was.Doing the reserch onFairTrade because me ,Evie and logan m we were macking notesof lots of gold, flowers, couten, coffe, banannas it was hard noting down facts.

    From Tilly

  17. Hi class 5

    I enjoyed are visit from Ruth. It was fun when me , Michaela, Logan M and James lifted up the 20 kg weight. It was quit heavy but I was quit surprised when Logan M could lift it. It was interesting when Leslie and Michael came in the class had quit a lot of people had ideas how they could change broad street. They showed us picture of broad street in the past and then now and the pictures didn't look that different. They were thinking about taking the parking at the side of the road away and making a bigger pavement and maybe putting a zebra crossing there. Chloe had an idea that they could put a smoothie stand and Scott thought that Sinclers sweetie shop could take a stand and it would have sweeites and ice cream in it and they would wheel it up evry day there was a liner in Orkney and Kacey thought that make Tankerness house gardens could be done up and have a sighn where to go. I think that they went away with a lot of ideas from us. Ms Mackay said that we could go and work at the council for a day and they could go to school. I hope the Glaitness Herald is a success.

    From Kayla

  18. HI class 5.

    I thuoght that the Orkney hearld was very interesting to hear to ask quetion to the peopel .Some peopel ask very good question to the peopel that work in the Coucil. It's very hard to work there and some peopel have to get voted to work as a Coucil .They showed us some pictures of Broad steet in the past and it doesn't look that different then the other one that there on the screen that they where showing us on the wite board and was very interesting. From Victoria

  19. Hi Class 5, On Monday we had a visit from Ruth, a powerlifter. The 9 children from class 5 weighed what Ruth lifted in total in the competition she won, which was 337.5kg. Then on Tuesday we go two visitors Michael Harvey and Leslie Manson from the Orkney Islands Council. Michael spoke to us about Broad Street development and he showed us a picture from about a 100 years ago and then a picture that he had designed which is what it maybe would look like in the future. We asked them both some questions and one of the questions. One of the questions was, 'What would you like more of on Broad Street?' and Michael said he would like to see more benches and things around the cathedral. We had some ideas like Judith Glue's could take out an ice-cream stand and smoothies. Kacey.