P5 Activity Day at The Peedie Sea.

This video will give you an idea of the activities we enjoyed at The Peedie Sea today, although it is mostly one group's experiences everyone had a chance to try all three activities.
Please read comments below to find out what the children thought about their day!

This week we also had the wildlife bus visit our classroom and we learned about the wildcat and the beaver and the habitats they live in.

We also said goodbye to James, we will miss him, but we are sure he'll make loads of new friends at his new school - keep leaving comments James - next year look at the P6 blog though...

Thank you for all the lovely cards and gifts Class 5! You can come back to this blog anytime (next year it will be called Glaitness Class 5 2015 2016) and remember everything we did this year.
Happy holidays!

Boat trials at the Peedie Sea

Today a few lucky people had the chance to go over to The Peedie Sea and launch the boat that one of our children has been involved in making with his uncle. There was not just one boat but three there and everyone got a chance to try them out! Exciting! 

Habitat in a tray

We have been learning about habitats and the animals that live in different places, and how they are adapted to their environment and the other animals and plants that they share these with.

Each group chose a habitat to make a model of in a tray. Each group had to show three creatures that lived there and explain how they were adapted to live there and with the other creatures.







Knex shop

We have been using calculating with money in maths so to get some practice we set up a Knex shop. Each half of the class took turns selling and buying after working out a price range or making a shopping list. Of course our enterprise skills have been honed through the experience of the School Fair and there were lots of flat packs and offers - some not as good a bargain as they may have seemed at first!

It gave us a good chance to use coins and notes and work out how many items we could buy within a budget.

The School Fair, The Glaitness Herald and our ideas for Broad Street.

Ready to sell!
This year's School Fair was a big sucess. Our stall sold out of birdhouses and feeders and The Glaitness Herald. We managed to payback our loan for the printing costs and make a profit for the school fund too. We had some excellent newspaper sellers who went around the whole school selling as they went. It was very satisfying to see people sitting having a cup of tea and reading our newspaper.

At the town hall this week there is an exhibition showing ideas for Broad Street and some of our ideas are up there beside the plans and photographs. Please go and have a look if you can - they are on display until next Saturday.

The Glaitness Herald is here!

Here are the lists on Spelling City for the final Spelling Bee of the year for next week. Any words not on the Spelling City list that you learn will gain you EXTRA points!
Spelling Bee LIST 1  and Spelling Bee LIST 2.

This week we published our newspaper The Glaitness Herald. Let us know if you would like a copy - they are £1 each. We may have some left at the school fair on Saturday, but you'll have to hurry!

Ready for sending to the printers!
The final copies are ready!