The Glaitness Herald is here!

Here are the lists on Spelling City for the final Spelling Bee of the year for next week. Any words not on the Spelling City list that you learn will gain you EXTRA points!
Spelling Bee LIST 1  and Spelling Bee LIST 2.

This week we published our newspaper The Glaitness Herald. Let us know if you would like a copy - they are £1 each. We may have some left at the school fair on Saturday, but you'll have to hurry!

Ready for sending to the printers!
The final copies are ready!


  1. Hi class 5. I love the Glaitness Herald. It was so fun writing all the articles. My group did Bag the bruck. I think it has turned out really well and I hope lots of people read it. The article I like the most is the Broad Street Development. I also got to work in the Broad Street group for a while because they needed help. I think everyone worked so hard on this and should be really proud. I can't wait to read it when I get home. From Jessica.

  2. Hi class 5

    I really enjoyed making the Glaitness Herald. I did the weather and I think it turned out good. Everyone has worked so hard on it and spent a lot of time on finding the information that they needed and then typing it up.

    From Michaela

  3. Hi class 5.
    I really enjoyed making the Glaitness Herald. I was in the bag the bruck group it was awfully hard because we had to make two parts of the paper. I would love to make another copy because we had a lot of fun but yet a lot of effort.

    From Chloe.

  4. Hello class 5 . It was a lot of fun writing me and Euan Harcus' article for the glaitness herald only £1 to buy. The glaitness herald is full of interesting news and a cartoon strip!
    It was so much fun to make and the paper turned out great.

  5. Hi class 5. I'm really really happy that we have finished and printed the paper. I'm also really happy with the way it turned out!. This would not of happened without Ms Mackay and all the reporters and staff. Mason p5

  6. Hi class 5
    I enjoyed making the Glaitness Herald and my best thing about it was that it was when it was complete and the olden day pictures in 2006 and a very old picture also and I'm very proud of all the work that the whole class is worked so hard.
    From Cady.

  7. Hi class 5

    I had fun doing the Glaitness herald. There was lots of cool things in it. me and Kayla did the netball it was so fun . Some of them has sold to the class we each get 2 of them they are £1.00.

    From Kacey

  8. Hi class 5.
    I enjoined making the Glaitness Herald. It took a bit of a wee while but it was worth it. We are selling pretty quickly for £1 per paper.

    From Ryan

  9. Hi class 5 making the Glaitness herald was fun I really enjoyed interviewing I had to interview Ruth pottinger a powerlifter champ and a councillor and a planner. They talked about broad street and how to become a powerlifter champ we are really lucky to have all of these people that went in to our class and now it is done. We have made the Glaitness herald it is only a pound and Craig Taylor was the one that made us want to make a school paper thanks Craig.
    By Mitchell

  10. Hi class 5. The newspaper we made this year was much better than I thought it would be. I think it helped us to work as a team because we had to work in groups, 1 group for 1 topic. The newspaper is really good and I think we should do it next year. Aria

  11. Hi class 5
    I enjoyed making the Glaitness herald I was in the Fairtrade group but I went to do comic strip and made the little fish picture and I just really enjoyed making the herald.
    From Logan M

  12. Hi class 5
    The Glaitness Herald is fab and amazing the printing was so quick.My articles were farming and Broad Street. The time and effort that was put into it really payed of and it was really fun. I think if the next years p5's would really enjoy it. It has been a great experience thanks Ms Mackay
    Grace ***

  13. Hi class five! Our Glaitness herald that we were making is ready and they are popular as the internet! They are selling fast (to the class.) scoot's corner could do with a bit more improving with the spaces between words. Scott/Scoot

  14. HI class 5.
    I really enjoyed reading all the interesting things in the Glaitness herald news paper about the broad street in history and how to make broad street better and about the weather and also the waste free packed lunch and about sports like netball ruby.


  15. Hi class 5 I thought that this was awesome incredible I didn't know what to think of it because it is just so fantastic good thing we did it to keep my mind on it for when we do another one ill remember that I have made this before and I remember how to make a new one but it will still be called the Glaitness Herald.

  16. Hi again class 5
    I enjoyed making the glaitness herald or the GH you can get a copy of our fantastic news paper for only £1. I was in the sports (rugby) section it was so interesting finding facts on the laptop and taking notes then putting them into our own words. A man called Craig Taylor inspired us to make the GH because he made a news paper when he was young now he is chief reporter of the orcaidian. It would be odd if nobody in this class will be a reporter. Euan.H