The School Fair, The Glaitness Herald and our ideas for Broad Street.

Ready to sell!
This year's School Fair was a big sucess. Our stall sold out of birdhouses and feeders and The Glaitness Herald. We managed to payback our loan for the printing costs and make a profit for the school fund too. We had some excellent newspaper sellers who went around the whole school selling as they went. It was very satisfying to see people sitting having a cup of tea and reading our newspaper.

At the town hall this week there is an exhibition showing ideas for Broad Street and some of our ideas are up there beside the plans and photographs. Please go and have a look if you can - they are on display until next Saturday.


  1. Hi class 5
    I really enjoyed selling the birdhouses and feeders at the school fair. It was fun desing the pictures to go on them and painting them and varnishing them. I think a lot of people liked our birdhouses and feeders and the way that they were persented. I would like to do something like this again.

    From Michaela

  2. Hi class 5
    It's was a busy day on Saturday because we went round the school trying to see if anyone would like a bird feeder or a bird house but the bird houses sold out quite quickly and we went around the school seeing if people would like bird feeders also but at the end of the day we had sold out all the Glaitness Herald and bird feeders and the bird houses well done class 5.
    From Cady.

  3. Hi class 5 i really enjoid selling the newspaper and bird houses and feeders. It is amazing that we sold out all of the things we put out for sale but I think we need more newspapers.because some people asked for a newspaper but we sold out.

    By Mitchell

  4. Hi class 5.
    Saturday was fun selling our Glaitness Herald and bird houses and bird feeders.
    we managed to get over £100 so well done all of us we did grate. I cant wait until the next school fair it will be fun.

    From Chloe.

  5. Hi class 5
    I enjoyed setting up for the school fair I also enjoyed selling the bird houses and feeders and also the Glaitness Herald. It was fun shouting come and buy a Glaitness Herald only one pound and come and buy bird feeders and bird house three pound and three pound fifty. I enjoyed working with Kacey, Michaela and Andrew. We sold all the Glaitness Herald and the bird houses and bird feeders. I think the school fair went quit well. Me and Kacey handed out the raffle prizes only two people were there to pick up the raffle prizes. Some of the prizes looked really cool.

    From Kayla

  6. Hi class 5. I enjoyed working at the stall at the school fair because its fun to see what people think about what we have done with the birdhouses/feeders and how we desinged the illistrations them. I am also happy with the amount of money we raised with the Glaitness Heralds and the birdhouses/feeders. Mason p5

  7. Hi class 5

    The fair was so fun. me and Kayla and Michaela and Andrew we where first to work at the stall for the things . We sold out fast we got to buy our bird hoses and things by 12.00 o clock.

    From Kacey

  8. Hi p5
    I enjoyed the school I bought a feeder and candy floss me and cody went lucky dipping and I went to can alley and needle in a hay stack I don't think any birds have eaten my bread
    From Logan M

  9. Hi class 5. Making the Glaitness Herald was really fun and I loved working at the stall and seeing every one go away happy with there news paper. I enjoyed the whole fair it was lots of fun. We sold every thing on our stall every thing sold really well
    From Douglas

  10. Hi class 5
    I really enjoyed making Broad Street plans and being at the school fair. The Broad Street plans look amazing and so much detail in them I think that all the plans that we made would be great on a lovely summers day. The school fair was great what a nice day for it and all the stalls and games were so fun the candyfloss had such a big line and I think there should be 3 candyfloss makers. It was all fab.

  11. Hi class 5. It was so fun at the school fair. I can't believe that all of our Glaitness Heralds were sold out so soon. I had lots of fun working at our birdhouse and birdfeeder stall. I got to shout to get people to buy the birdhouses. I also found it funny that my granny was the first person to buy a Glaitness Herald. I has so much fun. From Jessica.

  12. Hi class 5 when we got to wach the dunking I was so happy that my dad didn't get dunked.I hope we can make it for the nexd fair. From James.

  13. Hi class 5. I loved selling the glaitness herald and bird houses and feeders. when it was my turn to sell them the glaitness herald was already sold out. I got to sell the bird feeders with Chloe. They sold out at 1 o' clock.
    From Aria

  14. Hi class 5.
    I had so much fun on saturday. seling the bird houses was my fafrot thing about the fair and I wished my shift was longer. After our shift me and jessica went to get candyfloss and it took half an hour to get it and by the time we got it we had to go home. I hope next time it takes less longer to get candyfloss.
    From Evie

  15. Hi class 5
    This is a happy comment. This is the week after the school fair we had a good stall because we raised over £100. We were sold out before 1:00 pm I did not have to work at are stall (I spent all my money on games) We sold bird feeders and bird houses. Euan. H

  16. Hi class 5 I really enjoyed making the Glaitness Herald it was amazing. I was in the farming focus.I think that me and Mitchell did a great job we sold all of the news pappers.

    By Hannah

  17. HEY class 5. This saturday was the GLAITNESS SCHOOL FAIR! There was a bottle stall and bird feeder/house sale also a newspaper sale and there was alot of food in the dinner hall.we raised over £100 at the bird utility department.scott

  18. HI class 5 .

    I really enjoyed selling the bird houses and the bird feeders and i realy enjoyed the candyfloss making the bird houses and then selling to the peopel a lot of peopel wannted the glainess hearld newspaper.


  19. Hi class 5
    I had fun on Saturday at the school fair I liked playing the games and selling the bird houses and feeders
    from tilly