Preparing for shelter building

We have been practising working in groups to build models and thinking about what makes structures strong and stable so that we are ready for our trip to Muddisdale next week. We are looking forward to making a real shelter that we can all fit inside!

How to write a quality blog comment

We decided to make our own video to explain how to do this. We have had a first go at writing comments on the post below this one - please have a read and see what we thought about coming back to school and doing the pylon activity.

Welcome everyone!

Welcome back to school!

We have a new url - that is the address up in the bar at the top beginning with http:// Why not add it to your favourites! We hope parents and family members will look at our blog regularly and leave comments. Please finish your comment by signing off with your name so we know who you are if you are using the anonymous option.

We started the term with a newspaper challenge - building pylons using paper spills. First we had to make the spills which is not as easy at it looks, though everyone got better at this quite quickly. Then we had to think about the structure and shape of pylons. You can see the skills involved in this activity as labels at the bottom of the post. You can look at the comments below to see what everyone thought about the challenge. We will all be writing a quality blog comments regularly - please join in! If you would like to know more about how to write a quality blog comment have a look at the video in the sidebar. 

Everyone learned a lot about stable bases and strong shapes, how important joins are, and got used to working in groups again. Lots more structural challenges coming up!