Drama - The Story of St Magnus

This week we had our second drama session with Mrs Linklater exploring the story of St Magnus.
You can see the range of emotions we had to think about in some of the photos below.
Everyone got into role very well and we saw some good understanding of the range of feelings the characters involved might have felt.

Next Wednesday is our open classroom afternoon so we won't be having drama again until the last week of term. Next term we will be visiting the cathedral and continuing our work on the story there,

Nature walk and Land Art

Nature walk
 Today was our last trip to Muddisdale for a while - we might visit again when the weather has changed to see how the plants have changed too. 
We saw lots of interesting things and made some land art. 

Land art 

Return to Muddisdale and The LIDL Bus

We returned to Muddisdale to finish a few activities we didn't have time for last week.
We looked at the biodiversity of the trees and plants and minibeasts. We found that the best place for large numbers and  different types of minibeasts was in the leaf litter.
The place with the least biodiversity of plants and animals was the grass.
We found a place that was full of wildflowers and different plants and decided that it had been too wet to make into a field so had been left wild. Muddisdale woods was planted in a field and the grass and clover that the farmer had sown on the field was still going strong! 
The grass is mown too which helps it look green and tidy, but we found most biodiversity in plants and animals in the long grass. 
We also found a good example of slime mould - it could be 'dog's vomit' or it might be the species discovered by Glaitness pupils which we named 'troll snot'. 
Can you spot it in the collage above?

We are pleased with our journey sticks and willow weaving - they will remind us of the plants we saw on our trip today.

In the afternoon we visited the LIDL bus to make healthy smoothies which were delicious too.
We measured our heart rates before and after some exercises and games and found out how much harder our hearts work when we exercise.


We have been up to Muddisdale for our first outdoor session. The weather meant we had to postpone the nature investigations until next time but the sun shone briefly just before we left.
You can see the results of some great shelter building skills and teamwork in the slideshow. Everyone has done a lot of evaluating and critical thinking about how to build a stable and strong structure. we are also practicing working in groups with each other. 

We also collected or 'harvested' some describing words while we were there. We will add our word clouds here with this link.
Please check the comments below to read our comments and poems, which will be added soon.