We have been up to Muddisdale for our first outdoor session. The weather meant we had to postpone the nature investigations until next time but the sun shone briefly just before we left.
You can see the results of some great shelter building skills and teamwork in the slideshow. Everyone has done a lot of evaluating and critical thinking about how to build a stable and strong structure. we are also practicing working in groups with each other. 

We also collected or 'harvested' some describing words while we were there. We will add our word clouds here with this link.
Please check the comments below to read our comments and poems, which will be added soon.


  1. Hello P5! I hope you are all okay after our trip to Muddisdale yesterday! The weather was reasonably kind to us and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves (well my group did anyway)! I was impressed by how you all managed to build such impressive shelters in such a short space of time and with limited materials (some groups more so than others). I think most of you were glad of the of hot chocolate to warm you up! I'm looking forward to reading you're poems and seeing how you make use of all the descriptive words we all collected on our walk around Muddisdale. Caroline (Erin R's mum)

  2. I really enjoyed the den building, it was fun! I hope we get to do lots of things like this again! Erin R

  3. I thought your shelters were amazing! You must have worked really well together.
    How did you feel when you were sitting in your shelter?
    Well Done P5

    Catherine Watt (Caitlin's Mum)

    1. it felt good and i was proud of our group to have made something as good as ours.Daisy

  4. Everyone was listening. we did a good job. we worked and chose three fruit. i chose mango apple and strawberry. At Muddisdale we found lots of creatures. Bruce found a caterpiller.

  5. Your shelters look really well constructed. Planning them first was a good idea. I must find out more about the Kelly kettles is that what they're called?
    Lenore (William's Mum)

  6. Looks like you all did well ,super wee video

  7. Going to muddisdale and building shelters was fun I really liked having hot chocolate to warm me up.but taking it down was my lest favourite part because you hade to take down what you had made but I suppose you had to leave no trace of the stuff we had took from school.Daisy