Class 5 storytelling Festival

Our five groups finalised their stories today and performed them in class.  Two of the groups went outside to tell their stories in the storytelling tent. Their audience was P2/3. Perhaps they will leave some comments below to share their reactions!

Open Afternoon

This week we have a post by three pupil bloggers about last week's Open Afternoon.
We will aim to have more writing by pupils published here on the blog at regular intervals.

We had an open afternoon to show our parents what we have done in P5 so far. We made circuits to make a light bulb work. After that we made Lego ROVs. An ROV is some thing  that works on the sea bed in a wind farm. Next we did shelter building.  We could show our parents how to build a shelter because we did it at Muddisdale and we are good at it. Then we did some willow weaving. We played Chinese checkers and Mancala.  Next we went on the blog and we showed our parents the photos. My favourite thing was building shelters because we got to sit in it after we had built it.
BY Bruce and Kadyn

Open Afternoon
We invited our parents to come to our open afternoon to show them around  last Wednesday. I showed my mum around the class and showed her how to play Mancala. We made shelters and used our own instructions to build the shelter. After we played Mancala we went to look at the circuits and me and mum enjoyed it. We weaved a little willow circle. After we weaved we then tried to play Chinese checkers it was quite hard to play we did not understand very well. Next we went back to the electricity table and I named all the stuff that was there like the batteries and we used penny’s and other stuff to see if they would conduct the electricity.

I  enjoyed doing the electricity and showing mum what we have been doing. I told her about insulators and conductors and what the difference is. I also showed her my habitat and electricity folder. She enjoyed weaving and the electricity. Mum was annoyed she was not able to do the LEGO ROV. Me and mum tried really hard to fit everything in. I showed mum how to weave. The circle of weaved willow was about the size of my head. I  hope we can do this some other time. After mum left I made an ROV.