Fantastic Gymnastics

Photos by William.

This term in PE we are doing gymnastics. We are focussing on rolls, jumps and balances. Last week we got split into groups and we made up sequences. We were in groups of 4. We think we're getting the equipment out so we are excited for next week's gymnastics lesson because gymnastics is fantastic.
by Erin K. Caitlin and Aneisha

We were doing rolls and balances and sometimes we needed people to help us stay straight in a hand stand. Then we practised and got better and better.

Rolls can be forwards or backwards or sideways. Sideways rolls are the most difficult. A Teddy Bear roll is when you sit down and hold on to the back of your legs and roll around.

Balances is when you either stand on one hand or two and you can also stand on one foot or two, for example: handstand 'bow and arrow'. A bow and arrow is when one foot  is on the ground and lift the other leg up and hold on to the tip of your foot.
Jennifer, Pippa and Paige.

These jumps are what we have been practising we use to do a one eighty. Now some of us can do a round off. A round off is a half flip and half cartwheel or a three sixty some of us can do a one handed cartwheel! we would like to improve on cartwheel, handstands or headstands and reach our goals.
Jake, Bruce and Angus.


  1. Some pretty impressive gymnastic moves and positions being shown here. Well done everyone. Caroline(Erin R's mum)

  2. Very creative work from Katy and Amelie !

  3. When it was p.e it was gymnastics and they were some incredebel positons they were great routines.William

  4. I realey liked gymnastic and there where intresting moves and poses and they where fantastic. ryan

  5. The fantastic gymnastics was fun i learnt allot of new rolls,jumps and positions.