Mental Strategies for Addition

We have made a video to explain some of the mental strategies you can use for adding mentally. It is now added to the P5 Maths Channel where there are lots of videos about number at the P5 stage. This is quite a useful way of revising how to work things out in number and helps parents understand how we do it too. We hope you enjoy the video and find it useful. Explaining how to do something always helps us with our thinking when we are learning something new.


  1. It was fun getting to draw on the table and doing maths. We were trying to get everyone to explain how to find the right number using different strategies

  2. It was fun because me ,Erin k and Daisy got to explain mental strategies for Addition and we got to write on the table. Mrs mackey took a video of it and put it on this very own awesome blog!
    by Aneisha