Tom Muir tells some Tales of Viking Lands

Tom Muir is a storyteller. On Tuesday Tom came in to tell us some terrific Viking stories that Vikings told a thousand years ago. In all the stories there was a god and most of the gods were very powerful. Storytelling was very important to Vikings. The Vikings believed that all the gods in stories were real. The god Freya had gold hair and was the god of love. She was ever so powerful. The god Balder was called Baldur the Beautiful. He had no enemies even the animals loved him. Thor was overly big he had a very long ginger bierd not everyone like him but he was still a great god.
Sofia, Erin R and Cierra

Tom Muir told us a story about the gods and the story was about when Thor lost his hammer. One morning Thor woke up he checked for his hammer on his table but it was not there so he checked under his bed but he couldn't find it there. So he shouted Lokey! So Lokey went to Freya to ask for her falcon suit. So he gave it to him but Thor couldn't fit in it so Lokey said he could go and get it for him. So he flew across to the Giants house.
Tyler, Erland and Kaydan

Tom Muir started telling stories when he was 26 or 27. Tom doesn't forget complicated stories. He told us stories about Vikings and the Gods of Viking lands. The captain god was Odin. And the most worshiped god was Thor the god of thunder.

If you want to hear more of his stories you can get his book.

Brogan, Aiden and Darby.


  1. This sounds like a whole lot of fun. I bet you're all glad we don't have gods to answer to nowadays, some of the gods seem awful bossy and not very nice. Caroline(Erin R's mum)

  2. This sounds very good Sofia was telling me that she wrote the post on a computer with Erin and Cierra's help. Sof is a very big fan of Tom Muir. Chris :)

  3. It was fun getting told stories by Tom muir and I think it created a great atmosphere with the candles and the lights. My favourite story was the one when the Viking gods dressed up as ladies. I hope we do this again some time

  4. Toms story's where great and he told us allot of story's about the vikings. I really liked the story on the gods my favorite character was Thor.
    by Declan

  5. It was very nice listening to Tom Muir's stories about vikings and Gods. My favorite story was when Thor lost his hammer.
    By Brogan

  6. It was fun hearing Tom Muir's stories.He told us lots!They where about vikings and gods.I hope we do it again. Aiden

  7. It was good fun listening to Tom Muir s stores abut vikings and gods i liked the stores abut the gods. by Kadyn