Muddisdale in December

Today we went up to Muddisdale again to prepare for poetry writing and to play at our den area. We took the trolley with cups and water and the Kelly Kettle and had chocolate and snack after we had walked around the path and through the trees. While we were walking we stopped and listened and felt textures and looked and smelled, gathering words as we went.

 Lots of us thought that it was surprising to be in such a familiar place that was so different to the last time we were there. The leaves were gone. We could see the masses of twigs against the blueness of the sky. On the ground there were lots of sticks, and leaves which were squishy and soft and very wet. They smelled of the earth. Some of our structures were there from the last time we visited. We rebuilt some and created some new ones and climbed the trees. Some people adopted trees and gave them names!


  1. Looks like you all had a great time at Muddisdale judging by the video. The weather was good for a visit to the woods and it looks like you all enjoyed yourselves climbing trees etc. It's funny seeing all the trees without leaves etc. Caroline(Erin R's mum)

  2. Hi class five our trip to Muddisdale was great looking at the video
    I liked climbing the bare trees , having hot chocolate and writing down words for our poem.

  3. Muddisdale has changed since I last saw it. All the trees are bare and all the leaves are on the grass.Last time when we were building things with sticks and leaves and that was a little while ago and some of the sticks are still their like mine and Sofia`s stick weaving was still their well some of it. Only one stick with a little hook on it that could fit on the tree.The rest of the sticks were underneath the tree on the Aneisha