Spacesuit Challenge

This week our challenge was to plan, design, organise and build a spacesuit.
Here are the teams with their finished astrosuit.

The suit had to have all the life support systems in place and also some extra functions for a spacewalk.

Have a look at our comments below to see what we thought about the task.

The International Space Station

Last week we found out some of the things you need to be able to do to be an astronaut and some information about what it takes to survive in space. The human body adapts to lack of gravity by bones losing strength and astronauts get taller! They need to keep exercising 2 hours each day to stay healthy.

Astronauts in training.

Measurement is really important in space.

This week we have started on our models of the Soyuz rocket, the crew module and the International Space Station. We planned the layout and split up tasks within the group then organised the junk we needed. We have begun joining and finishing the models. They will be painted white first then finally we will put detail on.

Planning the models.

Deciding on the realtive sizes of each part of the rocket.

Later in the term we will design and make our own space station models from junk in a similar way. We will need to present our designs and models and explain the layout and what each part is for - it needs to be able to sustain life! Start collecting your own personal junk!

In the comments below you can read what we think are the most interesting facts we have learned so far.