Designing and making our own spacecraft

Today our own P5 space engineers modelled their own designs for spacecraft and space equipment. Last time we worked in groups and had a strict deadline. This time we had a much looser deadline (some models are still to be completed) and everyone worked individually.

To start with everyone drew a plan of their ideas. There were many very detailed and careful plans, Diagrams were thoughtful and well considered. Everyone showed clearly what a lot they had learned about what humans in space need to survive and how many different jobs a space craft has to fulfil.
Concentration and focus was obvious as everyone took the task very seriously.
Future space travel of the human race is assured.

The earth from space

As part of our Space topic we have been looking at how scientists use satellites and the ISS to observe the earth. These two videos have been really useful to understand the landscape and weather that can be seen from above the earth.

You can see the ISS - go to the nearest location to choose is Thurso.
DateVisibleMax HeightAppearsDisappears
Mon Feb 15, 5:54 PM3 min22°20° above SSW10° above SE  
Mon Feb 15, 7:30 PM2 min11°10° above SW10° above SSW  
Tue Feb 16, 6:37 PM3 min14°13° above SW11° above S  
Wed Feb 17, 5:45 PM3 min18°17° above SSW11° above SSE  
Thu Feb 18, 6:29 PM1 min10°10° above SW10° above SSW

...and here is a fun one to finish with. This is filmed in a plane which flies extremely high and then falls to create zero gravity. This is how Tim would have first experienced zero gravity in his training.


To make flubber we started by putting on a glove then we took 1 cup of PVA glue and 1 1/2 cups of water and mixed it together. Then we took a teaspoon of borax and another 1 1/2 cups of water and mixed it together. Once both the mixtures the PVA glue and water and the borax and water where all mixed we putt them in a tray and combined them.then we wated until it was all mixed then we played about with it. Flubber is a weird material I think it is a liquid because it takes shape of whatever tub it's in but that's my opinion what do you think it is?

Today we debated whether so much money should be spent on spaceflight, space science and discovery when so many people on earth need help with basic resources like food, shelter and clean water and a safe place to live.

First we decided where we would place ourselves on a line depending on which viewpoint we agreed most with. Then we went into teams and discussed all the points we could make and points the other team might make so that we could respond to them.
Then we sat in two long lines facing each other and everyone had a chance to say their idea or thought. Some peope volunteered to respond to points the other team made.
Finally we placed ourselves on the line again and changed where we stood depending on whether the other team had been able to persuade us towards their point of view.

Now we have learned how to have a debate we can concentrate more on making or points clear and persuasive next time. We learned how important it is to use the time we have as a team really well so that we can discuss and share out the arguments.