The earth from space

As part of our Space topic we have been looking at how scientists use satellites and the ISS to observe the earth. These two videos have been really useful to understand the landscape and weather that can be seen from above the earth.

You can see the ISS - go to the nearest location to choose is Thurso.
DateVisibleMax HeightAppearsDisappears
Mon Feb 15, 5:54 PM3 min22°20° above SSW10° above SE  
Mon Feb 15, 7:30 PM2 min11°10° above SW10° above SSW  
Tue Feb 16, 6:37 PM3 min14°13° above SW11° above S  
Wed Feb 17, 5:45 PM3 min18°17° above SSW11° above SSE  
Thu Feb 18, 6:29 PM1 min10°10° above SW10° above SSW

...and here is a fun one to finish with. This is filmed in a plane which flies extremely high and then falls to create zero gravity. This is how Tim would have first experienced zero gravity in his training.


  1. I showed my mum the videos and she loved them she said that it was amazing to see the earth like that and the lighting was realy cool.We think that it must be scary and amazing both at the same time in space. Cierra

  2. Hi guys these videos are amazing they show what earths atmosphere looks like and i think the really interesting bit is some bits of the world are glowing i love seeing these videos and i hope that we are going to watch more of theses videos soon

  3. Hi everyone I loved looking at the videos they were realy interesting I liked the video when the ISS was looking down to earth . It was realy surprising to sea how bright the lights were in big citys it was also realy interesting to sea allthunder storms . What video did you like and why. Erin.R

  4. It was awesome looking at the space videos I liked the video with all of the bright lights wow the international space station is lucky that they get to see all of the earth I also like the one that you can see the module and the huge robotic arm. Erlend B

  5. Hi everybody these videos are amazing the earth looks so cool up in space the lights are amazing I hope were going to watch more of these videos soon. Tyler

  6. Hi everyone the videos were awesome I liked them because you could see the difference between earth and space it was cool. Brogan

  7. Hi everyone I loved the videos they where really interesting and amazing. My faverite bit was when I could see the lightning I hope we get to somthing like this again. Lauren

  8. Hi class 5,
    I really enjoyed waching the videos becuse i got to look at all the thunder from space. I wonder what videos we will whach next?