Our Open Afternoon and Class Cafe

On the 22nd of March we had our Open Afternoon it was all about Space. We took lots of time and effort to prepare for it. There were lots of little stations, like the Baking, Research and Development group, the coding game and the space race and you can also leave a comment on the blog. Then there was wild reading group and reading aloud and last but not least the space buggy making challenge. There was also a Host in every group there was 10 in total the 2 important Hosts were Tyler and Caitlin they made amazing little cards (maps) and so the grown-ups knew where to go.

by Jennifer and Tyler

What do plants need in order to start growing? by Angus and Sofia

We decided to see if a seed needs water, light and soil to grow so we got six glass jars some soil, paper towels  and a tin to keep out light.  We left the seeds for a week and these were the results.

The one with no water didn’t grow at all because seeds need water to grow.

The seed with no light grew because seeds don’t need light to start growing.

The one with no soil grew because seeds don’t need soil to start growing. 

 We compared them with seeds that had water, soil and light. These were the ‘control’ seeds. They started growing a little.

All in all it was a fun experiment and all the class enjoyed it.

Does it dissolve?

On Thursday and Friday we did another experiment to do with our materials topic. We where doing a fair test. We where in groups of four. The way it was a fair test was we all got the same glasses amount of materials (flour , sugar , salt and sand.) the same amount of water and mixed it for the same amount of time then let it rest for three minutes. It was really fun and interesting and we hope to do something like this soon again. 
by Erlend B and Daisy 

If I could read anywhere I would....

We are wild readers. We read outside. We like to read in groups. 
We like to read on climbing frames.

We like to read in trees.

We like to read on our own.
If you look carefully in our playground you might spot...

the lesser blue legged tree recliner...

the purple checked book bird...

the wild tree daisy...

the red legged page turner...

the green topped book balancer

the purple chested tree slitherer

and some people reading on an almost warm sunny path.

Reading to a P1 audience

Today some of us went down to the P1 class to read picture books aloud to them. Some of stayed in our own room and some P1s came up to our room to be read to. We learned a lot about how to make a book interesting for an audience, even how best to hold a read a book when the pictures are imprortant - or even what to say when there are no words in the book at all. 
Well done everyone!

Cookery group, persuasive letters and book boxes for 'Wild Readers'

What is a Wild Reader 
by Aneisha and Erin K.

A wild reader is someone who takes their reading to the next level. Like reading outdoors at places like the play park, Muddisdale and Wideford Hill.

A wild reader is also someone who reads different types of books like fiction, picture books and information books, and people who want to try reading books by different authors like Jacqueline Wilson ,Roald Dahl and David Walliams. A wild reader is someone who takes there book out whenever they have time to read without being asked. So that is what a wild reader is. Are you a wild reader?

Preparing our book boxes.

We continued today with preparing our presentations on multiplication. This can be tricky because its not just doing a sum but explaining how and why we use a strategy or a method, all the steps, useful advice, helpful hints - AND you need to confidently know your tables.

The most recent 10 point group chose to do a cookery activity. they made peppermint creams and drizzled them with chocolate. Mmmmm.

Today we also wrote a letter using persuasive language to Tesco, Lidl and the Co-op. 
We hope we will get a positive reply.