Reading to a P1 audience

Today some of us went down to the P1 class to read picture books aloud to them. Some of stayed in our own room and some P1s came up to our room to be read to. We learned a lot about how to make a book interesting for an audience, even how best to hold a read a book when the pictures are imprortant - or even what to say when there are no words in the book at all. 
Well done everyone!


  1. Looks the P1's enjoyed you reading to them. Well done everyone! (What a pity you couldn't have read to them last week when you were dressed up for world book day). Caroline (Erin's mum)

  2. Well done class 5. It looks like the P1's enjoyed your stories.
    Sharon ( Erlends mum)

  3. Hi p5 it was scary at first reading to the p1's but in the end we manedge it my book was called camping out it had to be a book you remberd from when you were littel.William

  4. hi p5 it was scary reading to the p1 but it was very fun my book was the tiger who came to tea.

  5. Hi class 5,
    I really enjoyed reading hens pens to the p1's it was a lot of fun and I think they enjoyed it. On thing I could improve on is to make my voice a little bit louder.