Mission Muddisdale continued...

At Muddisdale MMM’s  group were at the campfire making dough twists. It was fun but I think Daisy’s was the best. Tyler’s didn’t go that well because his was covered in smoke. Nature agents made clay and stick woodland creatures, web game, bark rubbing and map of Muddisdale.  Muddisdale All Stars did bark rubbing, kims game, clay and stick woodland creature and campfire song. It was a perfect day.  by Aiden from MMM’s and Scott from Muddisdale All Stars.

Muddisdale Part 3

Nature Agents
Yesterday we went to Muddisdale and the nature agents did dough twist but we had to set up a shelter first. We dug a hole out of the ground for the fire and then we put some stones in the hole. Then we put the pot in then we put small peace’s of wood in. Then we grabbed a long stick’s  then we put some hand gel on then we got the dough and we  made the dough it in to a sausage shape. Then we put it around our long stick’s then we started the fire with the fire steel once we got the fire going we started to roast our dough. We had to make then look brown but some went black then we took turns to roast our dough. Once we finished we all twisted the dough of the stick then we ate the dough  tasted like toast. by Ryan and Cameron

When we arrived at Muddisdale we set up the base around about the middle. Then we set off to do our first activities. Ours was build a bridge for a mini beast. We split into 2 groups and started to build the bridge one group used just yarn and the other used sticks and yarn. Our second activity was Nature Park in a tray which is basically just like a mini Muddisdale and in a tray at the same time. Our third activity was draw a map of Muddisdale and it was quite tricky because there was a lot of turns and twists and because Muddisdale is so big. Finally we did a scavenger hunt and we took turns to tell everyone what to get then everyone had to go and get it. Then we had to pack up and go back to school. The Muddisdale All Stars
By Brogan and Paige

Mission Marvellous
On Monday the 16th of May 2016 we went to muddisdale for are third trip. First we made nature park in a tray, we split are group into groups of 3. Then we made a perfume in pairs, we put flowers, water, mud in are perfume. Cierra had to go in a ditch to get water and got pocked by a pointy bush it was funny. Next we made homes for mini beasts in trees and on the grass / mud and we worked in pairs and 3s. After that we got lost in the trees and had to use a compass to find are way out. But Tyler and Kayden got lost in a thorny bush so Ingrid had to get them out of the bush and fix them up. Then we walked back to school. We had a great time at Muddisdale.
By the M MM’S 

Mission Muddisdale Award Part 2

At Muddisdale we started by trying to start a fire to make dough twists but it didn’t get hot enough to cook the dough. Then we started collecting flowers and leaves to press them. After that we did the web game, we splitted our group into boys and girls and made two different webs. The webs were like giant spider webs made out of wool. The aim of the game was to get through the web without touching it but you needed your team to help you through the web. After we split into pairs or some people worked by their self we made rafts for Mini beasts. After we made them we got to sail them in the river, they all floated. After that we looked at our pitfall trap but unfortunately our one had been turned upside-down so we had no bugs in it. By MMM    

On the 9th of May 2016 our class went up to Muddisdale. We had our own peedie groups there was mission marvellous Muddisdale, Muddisdale all stars and us the Nature Agents. Our first activity was making a perfume we were split up into three groups. The perfumes were named messy mud (very muddy), wild watermelon 0% watermelon and Fresh (no mud or watermelon). After we did our perfume we had snack and put hand gel on our hands (and a little bit in our perfume). Then we made a den for minibeasts we made it out of sticks and leaves. Jennifer Sofia and Morwena found a tree with a face on it. Then we made a nature park in a tray we got a tray and a few sticks, leaves and mud we laid it out like a little garden. Finally we made a sundial and compass we knew our north south east and west so we knew what we were doing. Then when we were finished we had to leave no trace so we all tidied up but then Angus forgot his hat way up at the top of Muddisdale so he ran up to get it and ran back down. Then we all walked back to school. By the nature agents. Ryan Angus Declan Cameron Bruce Finlay Sofia and Jennifer.

As soon as we got to Muddisdale we set our base up. The first activity was the web game. We got the wool from our helper and found two trees to tie the web on to. We climbed through the web a few times. Then we did the pressing flowers activity we found some plants and we put them in the folder.We made dough twists and cooked them on the fire and eat them. We made dens for mini beasts and we did this in partners they were mostly made of sticks and grass.  We checked the pit fall traps. There were lots of insects in them! By the Muddisdale all stars!

Mission Muddisdale - our first trip.

buildning bridges and rafts for minibeasts... click on the picture to make it bigger, there are loads of great photos here!

restoring the structures
Today we went to Muddisdale and we were in groups and came up with group names. There was Tealkdace, Muddisdale All Stars and Nature Agents. Once we came up with our names we picked some activities such as make a perfume, start a fire and build a bridge between two trees for mini beasts. When we got to Muddisdale we got with our groups and with our teachers and went to start our activities. Some of us started with the pit fall traps to make a pit fall trap we had to get a jar and put some jam or apple in it then find a good spot to put the jar this could be somewhere sheltered.   by Kaylen and Lauren          
bare feet and pitfall traps


creating scents of woodland and springtime

Tag Rugby Festival

On Friday we were all ready for the tag rugby festival. People there were a lot older than us but we were not bothered. The atmosphere was amazing. There were people from all the schools in Orkney and the Islands.    by William and Jake