Tim returns!

Early on Saturday morning Tim left the ISS 

the moon in the background

parachute deployed - click to enlarge

Sports Day and Wideford Hill

A post for our class to do a round up of end of term events....

Sports day!
On Friday the 10th of June 2016 it was sports day. Everyone was excited. When we walked over to picky all the stations were set up. The different races were the relay race, the obstacle race and the normal races. First p4-5 did the relay race and p6-7 did the obstacle course and p1-3 did the normal races. When everyone had gone round all of the races we all gathered together around Mrs Miller. P5-7 did the 400m (once around the picky track) and when they were finished we announced the winning team and it was GRAIN- WELL DONE!
By Jennifer&Ryan

Jake's frog

Our last Mission to Muddisdale

looking closely at trees and plants

At Muddisdale the Muddisdale all-stars where making and eating the dough twists at the camp fire. They started by they started by wrapping some raw dough around the small end of a stick. Then they put it above the fire. While they were doing that other groups where doing different activities such as: Bark rubbing and tree identification, Build a bridge, clay and stick woodland creatures, campfire song and lots more. Because this was our last trip and lots of people had more than 4 activities because people had been of or sat out something so we had some extra things to do so that everyone could get there mission marvellous Muddisdale award. Most groups had people who needed to extra stuff all except Muddisdale all-stars who had finished everything. In the end I think we all got all our stickers and our mission Muddisdale award and we all defiantly earned it.
Daisy and Paige

the last campfire