Archaeology in Orkney topic

This week we have been busy thinking critically about the Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage site. We debated about whether wind turbines should be allowed on the hills surrounding the site.

We began thinking about what a visitor centre and museum for The Ness of Brodgar might be like. We had to think about what public buildings have to have as well as the special activities that might happen at the visitor centre, particularly for students and school children who were visiting.
We will share our plans and hopefully a model later.

Dan and Sandra came into school with the artefacts and helped us investigate them and try to figure out what they were used for.
What do archaeologists do?

Who wore this? Neolithic people cared about what they looked like!

What might this tool be used for? Was it a weapon?

This tool can make fire but would it last for 5000 years buried in the ground?

Some tools were highly decorated and for using with a particular hand.

We have to guess what most things were used for. They might have had lots of different uses.

Some of the objects were in bits - one group put the bits back together again just like real archaeologists might do.

We developed our plans for a visitor centre for the Ness of Brodgar and the Ring of Brodgar further and shared those with the rest of the class.
We might make a model of one later.

We made some pinch and coil pots with clay.
Our replica pots were decorated like the groove ware.
We also made some clay shapes for carving later - keep reading our blog to find out what we make!


  1. Jack was telling us all about the pot making today, he said it was tricky trying to get all the cracks smoothed out.looking forward to seeing the finished article. Johan

  2. Hi class six it was so intresting looking at the old artifacts my faviroute was the flint axe me Brogan,Ryan,Jack and Angus made up an old pot from the neolithic times.We also got to make our own pinch pots out of clay.
    from Erlend

  3. Hi class 6 I hope you had fun when Sandra and Dan came in to see us I certainly did. Anyway I liked putting the pot back together again. The people that made it was me, Angus, Jack, Ryan and Erland. Bye Brogan

  4. hi class 6 i really enjoyed making the clay models some people made a pot there were two different types of ways of making the pots you either made a pinch pot or a coil pot a pinch pot is when you pich around the edges of the pot and the coiling you take a bit of clay and you roll it into a snake kind of shape and then put it around the pot and just keep on going until you think your finished your pot.Some other people did balls where you had to make a ball shape and put lots of different patterns in it.I did a ball and put lots of patterns in it.jennifer

  5. Hi class 6 I think it was fun macking the pots and balls I made a ball and a pot and something diffirent my pot was big after I did it I helped outher people when I helped Robert his clay was all crumable by Paige

  6. Hi class 6 we have been very busy these last few weeks with our debate,the pots and Dan and Sandra coming in. I really liked making the pots there was two diffrent type of ways of making them there was cpoil and pinch i did a bit of both i started with pinch then ended with coil but unforchanally my pot did'nt turn out well. I also liked the replicas that dan and sandra took in.I cant wait to do more things in the arciolige project.

  7. Hi class 6,
    I had so much fun making bronzes age pots, We had to be really delacit with them. First we got a lump of clay then we had to chosse a method, the oppions were coil or pich pot. Next after we had finshed making the shape of are pot we had to smoothe out the cracks, After that we got to decorate it, We got an oppion to use clay for decorate or use a pencil to make marks in the pot. I had so much fun making brones age pot and I hope we can show them to are next visor.

  8. Hi class 6 I think it was fun macking the pots and balls I made a ball and a pot and something diffirent my pot was big after I did it I helped outher people when I helped Robert his clay was all crumable by Paige

  9. Hello class 6 When we saw all the things archaeologists have found we found things like broken pots and some of us placed the pieces back together we also saw an animal hide, a stone axe and some flint we looked at most of the things and thought about what they could have been used for. Darby

  10. Erlend,Ryan,Brogan,Jack and Angus looks like ther having a lot of fun making that pot.
    By Kadyn

  11. Hi Class 5, when Sandra and Dan gave us the objects to look at we made notes about them in our notebooks. It was good fun but it was sad when they went because we were all having really good fun. They left us the objects and we are going to make a museum display with information on each artefact. Daisy