Hoy Group 1

On Monday group 1 went to Hoy for three days. When we got there we went to the hostel and got showed around the building. Then we found out what groups were in. Then group A and B got ready for canoeing. Once we got ready for canoeing we went on the mini bus to go to the river. When we got there we learnt how to move forwards, backwards and how to turn as a group. After we got split into the teams for canoeing we went into the canoes and had a race. After the race we played a game called fruit salad. We had to remember our fruit and swap places with the other person who was that fruit. Then we did it whilst the canoe was still moving. Then we had another race we had some hot squash. Then we got to slide into the water by turning a canoe upside down.  

Then the next day we did the Gorge walk and the bush craft. For the Gorge walk we had walk through a tunnel underneath the road. Then we walked a bit on the grass before we went into the water. When walking in the Gorge we had to be careful as some of the rocks were lose and it was easy to slip. There was some bits that were quite scary because we had to use a rope to get down the mini waterfall. We carried on a bit before we had to walk back up to the van. It seemed muck more easer going back up the Gorge than coming down. When we went back to the hostel we had some lunch then got ready for the bush craft. For the bush craft we made a fire and cooked marsh mallows on the fire they were yummy. We also made a big shelter as a group by using the big branches.

Then the next day we had to leave Hoy we all had a great time in Hoy but before we left we got to do one last activity. We did another walk there wasn’t enough time to do it all but we still had a great time. 
By Lauren and Darby

Hoy Group 2

Last week we went to Hoy. We were split into two groups group one going from Monday morning to Wednesday after noon and the second group going Wednesday morning and leaving Friday night. When group two arrived we got a tour of the hostel and then split up into groups. One of the groups went canoeing and the other went for a walk. After we finished we all met back at the hotel the canoers were all really cold but had had a good time and the walkers had freezing feet but had really enjoyed the walk. Soon after we found out which rooms we were staying and who with. That night we had pizza and sticky toffee pudding for tea a little while after we got plain and chocolate cake because it was Jack’s birthday and that night we watched swallows and amazons while we had hot chocolate, biscuits and toast. 

The next day we woke up and it was horrible weather raining and really windy but that just made the day much better. We started by having breakfast and making our pack lunches then we went for a gorge walk. That day we all split up into three groups but we all did the same activities at the same time. The gorge walk was really wet and there were a lot of big jumps and water falls there was one so big we needed a rope to go down. After that we went back to the hostel and had our lunch and then went to bush craft. We all made shelters out of logs and branches we found on the ground then we gathered some more and made a fire to roast marshmallows on. At the end of the day we all went to the hostel and had roast chicken for tea with chocolate muffin for pudding and ice cream. 

That night while we were having hot chocolate, biscuits and toast we watched Madagascar. The next day was our last day. We were back in our two groups that we were in the first day and while the first group did archery the other did canoeing. We all came back for lunch and had all really enjoyed ourselves but there was still fun to come. That afternoon the first group went for the walk and the second group did archery. We all came back and had all loved our time in hoy but we all were really sad to leave. We really hope we can do something like it again soon. Jack and Daisy