Hoy Group 1

On Monday group 1 went to Hoy for three days. When we got there we went to the hostel and got showed around the building. Then we found out what groups were in. Then group A and B got ready for canoeing. Once we got ready for canoeing we went on the mini bus to go to the river. When we got there we learnt how to move forwards, backwards and how to turn as a group. After we got split into the teams for canoeing we went into the canoes and had a race. After the race we played a game called fruit salad. We had to remember our fruit and swap places with the other person who was that fruit. Then we did it whilst the canoe was still moving. Then we had another race we had some hot squash. Then we got to slide into the water by turning a canoe upside down.  

Then the next day we did the Gorge walk and the bush craft. For the Gorge walk we had walk through a tunnel underneath the road. Then we walked a bit on the grass before we went into the water. When walking in the Gorge we had to be careful as some of the rocks were lose and it was easy to slip. There was some bits that were quite scary because we had to use a rope to get down the mini waterfall. We carried on a bit before we had to walk back up to the van. It seemed muck more easer going back up the Gorge than coming down. When we went back to the hostel we had some lunch then got ready for the bush craft. For the bush craft we made a fire and cooked marsh mallows on the fire they were yummy. We also made a big shelter as a group by using the big branches.

Then the next day we had to leave Hoy we all had a great time in Hoy but before we left we got to do one last activity. We did another walk there wasn’t enough time to do it all but we still had a great time. 
By Lauren and Darby


  1. Hi class 6 did you enjoy going to Hoy I certainly did. My favourite activity was doing the gorge walking because there was bits that you had to climb up and down and also because there was some very deep bits but I liked all the other activities too. Bye Brogan

  2. Hi class 6 it was so fun in Hoy. As soon as we got of the boat I was very exited to do all the activities. first we did canoeing next we did gorge walk it was my faviorite activity.After we did bushcraft we got to toast marsh mallows and then shelter building. The next day we did a walk through the valley. It was very fun and im happy I went. Erlend.B

  3. hi class 6 Hoy was amazing it was such good fun.When i got to the pier i was so excited when everyone was here we waved goodbye to our parents and then we put all of our luggage on the blue minibus and then we went on the boat.When we got on the boat we all took our seat and then the boat started moving the crossing was very good we went outside on the boat and we saw a seal then we went back downstairs.Then we arrived in Hoy.When we got off the boat the instructors were waiting for us they had there on mini buses they were red and white me and Caitlin sat next to each other on the red mini bus it took us about twenty miniutes to get there. When we got there we took our bags off the minibus and took them into the dining room. Then the instructors showed us around the hostel. After we all went into the meeting room and said what activities we will be doing my group got to do the canoeing we all got the equitment that we needed and set off.When we got there we all got the canoes out and they taut us how to do it then we got into the water and headed off. We got to play a game called fruit salad it was so much fun then we got hot squash.At the end the instructor turned over the canoe and we got to slide down it.Then we went back to the hostel and got into our rooms i was in a room with Caitlin Lauren and Darby the rest of the activities were so much fun. i loved being in hoy.

  4. Looks like you all had a great time! The sun even seems to have shone for a peedie while, pity it didn't last! It's quite a walk to the Old Man but look like you made it. I think you seem to all have had a brilliant time despite the weather! Caroline(Erin R's mum)