Class 6 Podcasts

We have started making podcasts so that we can share our thoughts and opinions about the books we are reading. A lot of our class work is done through listening and talking and we are keen to share our ideas and reflections on the important books in our lives.

The new symbaloo on the side bar has a few links to podcasts for kids. We started by listening to one of the Book Club for kids podcasts (there are plenty more there to listen to) to help give us some ideas for how to build a podcast of our own. Two groups have trail blazed with their books and you can click on them on the same symbaloo. We hope you will follow our podcasts (made on a video format) and let us know what you think... We hope we will get better and better at making them as we listen to and make more...


  1. It was great to hear how much you all enjoyed the book like you I couldn't wait to read the next chapter with Jack. Well done for the Pod Cast maybe the author might listen to it!!

  2. Well done P6 on the pod cast, it was great to hear an extract from the book and I enjoyed hearing appropriate questions being asked so as to set the scene for a would be reader. Caroline (Erin R's mum)

  3. Well done everyone who did the pod casts they were fantastic. I cant wait for the other pod casts I hope they are just as good as these. Cierra