Greenland and Redland

Today the Republic of Redland and the Kingdom of Greenland were established. The citizens of each nation voted in elections to establish their leaders. Each country has parliamentarians and a judge who is responsible for the rules and laws being followed.

In an unusual reversal of political events the first President of Greenland was replaced with a Queen who now says she will decide of her heirs are fit to rule. The green credentials of Greenland have resulted in them having a special object which embodies the philosophy and ethos of that country. It is the last leaf and twig from the original Greenland tree from which all trees in Greenland today are descended. The new leader had to swear on this object to uphold the rule of law and promise to keep the rules of the land.

The inauguration ceremony of the leader of Greenland.

In a similar ceremony in Redland today the new President made a solemn oath to be a good President in front of the citizens who joined with him in a song and dance. An international conference was then convened so that the countries could clarify their laws. Redland has solemnly declared it is illegal to make war with Greenland. Greenland has made a similar commitment in their constitution. Greenland has also made it compulsory for everyone to do community work at the weekends to make sure all citizens are involved in the care of the environment.

The inauguration ceremony of the leader of Redland.

Finlay, our international correspondent reports, ' The leader of Greenland is Jennifer and she is a queen. If you break the law and it is serious the court decides if you go to prison but if it is not serious you will be given a £100 fine. In Redland the leader is Erlend and he is a president. If you break the law you go to parliament then they decide if you go to prison or not. the judge is Brogan, the parliamentarians are Sofia, Lauren and Angus'.


  1. looks like fun and Declan enjoyed taking part.
    Declan's Dad

  2. I rely enjoyed being a Greenlander I enjoyed watching the Redlands preform too. Jennifer was queen of Greenland and she helped make lots of great decisions. We had a vote to see who would become queen. The Redlanders did the same but instead of having a king or queen they had a prime minister. We had lots of discussion and we also had a problem solving task. The problem was some random blue landers had turned up because there island had been completely washed out by a wave and they had come to Greenland hungry and ill. The Greenlanders didn't have much food but they still took the Bluelanders in till they were better. The redlanders were jenoris too because they helped supply the food for the Bluelanders. IT was decided by the queen of Greenland and the prime minister of Redland that the blue landers were made as welcome as everyone else. We had a disscussion with the red landers and most of them thought that they should be made very welcome. Erin.R

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  4. It was great i think we should learn more about this it was good to do about it because we should make the world a better place this is happening right now .Robert

  5. On the 14 and 15 of November 2016. Redland and Greenland were making laws because we were learning about brexit and laws. I was the journalist.

  6. It was really fun doing Redland and Greenland I was in Greenland.First we had a election to see who was going to be the priminister it was Robert.Then we had to think of some rules of law for Greenland but are priminister started saying that every year we would get a lolly for 1p (really) so we had another election and Jennifer got elected so she became are new priminister she wasent keen on being a priminister so she became the queen of Greenland.Jennifer picked a judge who was Aneisha she wrote down the rules on a piece of papper and then Jennifer picked a gard that was Paige she also picked three other people to be in parliment they were Daisy,Declan and Erin.k.She also picked a lawyer who was Robert.That ment the last people me, Ryan,Scott,Erin.r, Jack and cameron were citizens if Jennifer was having a vote we would vote for her.We planed a ceremony where we crowned the queen, crisened her and made her promise that she would be a good and loyal queen.It was really fun hope we do something like it again.Cierra