Planet Earth

Last week's challenge was to create a model of planet Earth and an information which explains its structure. One group made a model of how the Earth was formed. Each model had a 'key' to help make the information that went with it match the parts of the model.

Earth models

Our topic is about earth and we got to make models of the layers in the earth. We did it in groups it was a great challenge as we got to use our imagination to make our models. One group did a model of how the earth was formed and showed that it all started with asteroids crashing together in space to make our planet earth. The other groups were amazing and they showed their understanding of what goes on beneath the crust.  Jennifer, Erin R, Jack
Earth models
We were divided into 5 groups then all the groups discussed what they were going to use and going to make the earth out of. Then every group got a styraphone  ball. Then all the groups got started on the models each group looked on the school blog and found some books to find out information and to see what the earth looked like from inside. Some groups put an atmosphere around the earth and one group made lots of asteroids colliding together to make the earth. Each group picked what material they got to use for their models.
by Aneisha Erin.K and Ryan

Planet earth models
On Tuesday and Wednesday we had a challenge to make the earth inside and out. We all got a small polystyrene ball to make the core of the earth. Then all the groups started building their earth each in different ways. Some people used tissue, plasticene, news paper and a foam ball. It was really good fun and we hope we can do something like it again soon.
Paige Tyler Daisy




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