The Trading Game

We like trading games - they are always so unfair! The rich get richer at the expense of the countries that supply the raw materials. Is there a way around this? We are still trying to figure it out!
The richest countries even got to go and eat lunch before the poorest countries - its not FAIR!

Mission Muddisdale with the P4s

Today we revisited Muddisdale to let the P4s try some of the Mission Explore activities we had created. We had 4 types of activities - Nature; Experiential; Art, Craft and Technology and Shelter building.  At each activity the P6s helped the P4s and lead the activities. At lunchtime we had a group sing-a-long. Read the comments below to find out what we all thought about the day.

Tour Guiding at The Palaces - Group 1

 On the 6 of May P6 did an amazing tour of the Bishops palace we were doing it to Eday and Pappie it was really good but It was cold and we tried our best. We started by getting introduced by the junior tour guides. Then we went across to the Bishops palace. The schools enjoyed it at the end we made everyone say a fact. They all remembered there parts and what to say I thought it went very well it was an amazing experience for us and we all enjoyed it very very much. 
Angus, Robert.   

On Tuesday group 1 finally got to do their first tour guiding to Eday School. We were in group 2 and we were in charge of showing them the bottom half of the Earls palace along with the waiting room. In group 2 the characters were the Constable, maid, servant, Turnbrochie, Guard’s, and Cooks. Our costumes were really cool and it made us look the part and feel it as well. Our cue to start our part is a knock at the door and on Tuesday we were definitely nervous waiting in silence for the knock on the door but in the end it finally came. We all really enjoyed doing it and the end came all too quick. Eday School said they really enjoyed us and thought we were wonderful. We really hope we can do more tour guiding in the near future.
Daisy and Erin.K

We did tour guiding at the earls and bishops palaces for the 2nd time. It was very rainy so the walk was horrible so we whore ponchos to cover the costumes. When we got there we went down to the cellar. Group 1 got ready while we entertained each over. After a while group 2 got ready and did their part they where right near the cellar we had to be quiet and sneaky. Then they went into the kitchen. group 3 then sneaked upstairs and then we got a peak at everyone there was lots. it was nervous waiting for the audience. After a while the Counstable came up and we got into positions. During the middle of our part we told the audience to come into the other room they must of not heard very well because they started to clap and turned to the exit we quickly told them to go to the other room. At the end we whore our ponchos again and made our way back to the school. It was great fun and we hope we do it a 3rd time. 

Primary Athletics

On Thursday Erlend, Brogan, Cameron, Erin, Aneisha and Lauren went to Picky to take part in the Primary Athletics. You had to run a race, a throw and a jump.  The events were 100m or 800 m race, high jump or long jump and cricket ball or shot put. There was a 9 - 10 age group  and 11 - 12 age group.

At the end whoever had the most medals could win the overall winner for  your age.Pupils from all over the  Mainland and the Isles came as well. Everyone who contributed tried their very hardest and showed great sportsmanship. 

American football

Today our class went to the dinner hall with our American students Camryn and David who taught us how to play American football. First they showed us how to throw and catch the ball. We got into groups of four and started to throw and catch the ball like they told us, next they told us how to run the ball that is when you catch the ball you protect it and then you put it between your hand and your shoulder, and then we did a relay. 
Then they told how to tackle and finally we did a huddle stand - before a game we clap.
Brogan and Erlend

Today we watched some of the best play from the Green Bay Packers, the home team of our visiting American students.

Spinning and flipping

Last week we debated whether the craze for fidget spinner toys was a good thing and whether it really helped people focus and concentrate at school or not. We found out about different opinions from the USA and UK, from teachers and parents, and decided there were alternatives which could do the job just as well or even better. We will be selling our alternatives at the School Fair.

We attempted to make our own homemade spinners with cardboard and coins, and lego. Some of them worked quite well. We designed some amazing fidget toys that combined lots of different sensory elements.

This week we used another craze - bottle flipping - to think about probability and chance, what makes a fair test and the variables you can adjust to try to make good comparisons. We predicted and hypothesised what we thought the outcomes would be and explained why we thought as we did. We will go on to work out the fraction of  the attempts that were successful under each set of variables, and convert this to decimals and percentages.

Rugby Skills Development

Class Rugby
Yesterday we went out to the front playground to play Rugby. Our coach was John. He taught us different technique, we did a few games and warm ups. It was fun some people did not do it so they had to sit on a bench and read a book. We got put into group’s 6 people in each group one of the games was octopus it’s were two catchers are in the middle and everyone else has to try to run. The catchers where Erin K and Erin R it was so fun hope we can do it again. Tyler and Paige      

More brucking!

Class 6 bagging the bruck at The Peedie Sea

On Tuesday class 6 went out litter picking. First we went around the back of Tesco and we were outraged to think that people could leave so much litter lying around .We found things such as glass bottles, poo bags with dog poo still in it, cigarette packets and soft drinks containers of all kinds.
Then we went across to the Peedie Sea and picked up more litter which had been blown across from the shops, because it is mostly plastic it is  are not going to decompose and will stay in the environment forever unless we pick them up. The swans and ducks were living in amongst all the litter. It did not look very nice but it was really unhealthy for the creatures that live there.
Over near the skate park we found lots of broken plastic tree protectors and the fences were catching all the crisp packets. The P1/2 M class did a great job picking all that up. We collected 15 bags altogether but could have got more if we had longer.

Jack and William
We are trying to stop a lot of the litter around the Peedie Sea from ending up in the ocean.

We think there should be another big bin behind Tesco and the bushes should be trimmed up off the ground.

Guided tour of Kirkwall

Today we were going on a trip down the town to meet a tour guide called Tina Smith. Our first stop was Peedie Sea then we walked towards the other side where we met Tina. She told us about how we were going to record what centuries we had talked about. We had a bit of paper and the numbers of centuries we were going to mention. Sometimes we would take pictures of the signs that told you about where you were and what you were looking at. 

 We had two other helpers called Mr. Manson and Mrs. Watt and our class teacher Ms. Mackay and helper Mrs. Thomson. We learnt interesting facts about our home town.  We learned why some streets are named what they are called. It was all very amazing and wonderful. We would like to thank all our helpers for coming and learning interesting facts with us.
By Paige and Sofia     

P6 'Bruckers' brave the weather

Bag the Bruck
On Tuesday morning class 6 went to Scapa beach for a bag the bruck trip. It was windy and wet but we had wrapped up well. We went in two groups and we went on the bus to get there. Group one went first and then group two. Went to the far end and worked our way back, then group two arrived and worked towards them.
We found old bits of net and plastic. Some of us had to work in teams to get the bigger bits of rope out of the sand. We got 9 bags altogether.
Paige and Jack

Tour guiding at the Palaces

Tour Guiding
On Thursday we did a dress rehearsal on our junior tour guiding at the palaces. We had to put on lots of layers so we did not get cold. We did our warm up to get us going, 1st we had to wake up so we did a morning stretch, 2nd we looked in the pretend mirror and pulled a funny face 3rd brushed are teeth really well all around are mouth 4th we had a little grape chewed it all up and then we had a really big juicy apple. 6th we showed are bad JTG and are good JTG. 

After our warm up we went to the Bishops Palace and group one did their performance and group two and three were the audience. We then went back over to the earl’s palace and group two did their performance whilst group one were the audience and group three were up at their places getting ready to perform. Group two showed one half of the palace and group three showed the other half of the palace. 

Then on Friday was the big day it was actually the day we were preforming to our parents. It was group 1 in the morning and group 2 in the afternoon, it was kind of nerve racking thinking about it but when we got started everyone did a great job and had a good time and after we went to the st Magnus centre with our parents and had refreshments like tea, coffee, juice, sausage rolls, sandwiches, biscuits and we got certificates then we got our pictures taken with our certificates and in costume.

I think the parents enjoyed it very much and when the audience had to take part they did it very well they were really happy with us at the end. After a little while we went back to school and got ready for home. We are looking forward to our next performance. 

By Caitlin and Jennifer

Reading with P4

This term we started helping the P4s with their reading. Our book was The Firework Maker's Daughter and we partnered up with a P4 and read a page each. We think our reading has improved because we would normally not read aloud so this was also an opportunity to improve our reading as well as their reading. It also helped us with our confidence to read to a person in another class and it’s a good way to hear what other people think of the book. We need to know that they are hooked into the book by asking them questions like, 'What do you think the characters are feeling?', 'What do you think is going to happen next?', 'Why do you think the characters are feeling like this?' 

Here are some of the comments from the P6 paired readers:

'They seemed more confident as I continued to go down'
'I felt the reader enjoyed going to the library and reading the story and improved each week.'
'I'm more confident to go again because I know what it is like.'
'I was surprised to find out that some of the readers were at the same level as me.'
'I felt my reader improved with his expression and read more fluently.'
'It was fun because you got to read to someone you have never read to before.'
'It was interesting listening to younger children read to you. To start with they told me what the story was about, what had happened and what they think is going to happen. They understood the story well.'
'I think I am better at reading now that I have read to other people. It builds up your confidence'

Our dioramas


Yesterday we were making dioramas. We decided if we wanted to be in pairs or on our own. We decided an animal and its habitat. First the people who brought in boxes handed them out to other people. We then drew an idea that we hoped to achieve. Once we had our ideas we went to get research. Then we started by cutting a peep hole and also making our background to block the corners. We drew on the background and then set it in. then we stuck things to the bottom of the box before putting in sand or leaving it bare. Then we stuck things to the top of the box lid. We then cut a hole in the lid and put cellophane in it to make the lighting green or blue or silver. 
We all really enjoyed it and are pleased with our achievement. 

Fair Trade Fortnight - The Chocolate Trading Game

Yesterday we were playing the Fairtrade game. We all got roles and there was the cocoa farmers, the Fairtrade farmers, shoppers, shop keepers 1 and 2, the big chocolate factory and the Fairtrade chocolate factory.
                                           Cocoa farmers
Cocoa farmers don’t get paid for enough for what they produce. They would like a better deal they want to sell to Fairtrade cocoa factory’s but cant. Now let’s interview some cocoa farmers.
Q: How hard is life on the farm and why?
A: It’s really hard because we don’t get the fair amount of money we deserve!
Q: How do you feel about the price of cocoa beans going down?
A: terrible because we don’t get enough money!
Q: how do you feel about black pod decease?
A: Terrible because big chocolate factory won’t buy our beans only from surtian cocoa farmers!

                    Fairtrade cocoa farmers
The fairtrade farmers get a better amount of money because the cocoa beans they grow get bought for a good amount. Lets interview some fairtrade farmers.

Q: what are you trying to accomplish ?
A: we wanted to have a good and good payment that is why were fairtrade
Q: Do you just sell to fairtrade factories?
A: there is always argument between us but we mostly don’t
Q: do you ever feel your going to get scammed by not getting fair amount of money for your beans?
A: No we trust the people we sell to
Q: How do you feel about black pod disease ?
A: it doesn’t affect us because we made plenty last season

                                       Fairtrade factory
The Fairtrade factory buys beans from fairtrade cocoa farmers. They give them a fair amount of money. Now lets get on to the interview.
Q: How much do you pay for cocoa beans?
A: 5p per bean
Q: What do you think about fairtrade?
A: We think fairtrade is important because everyone should be treated fairly
Q: Do you always buy from fairtrade?
A: Yes we do
Q: How do you feel about black pod disease?
A: We don’t really like it because its bad for the farmers but its good for us because we get more money

Big chocolate factory
The big chocolate factory only buys from independent farmers. Lets start the interview.
Q: What is your aim?
A: more profit
Q: why do you want more profit?
A: decent pay and so our families can have a good living
Q: where do you get your beans and why?
A: Ghana because its better quality
Q: Why did you lower the prices?
A: we wanted more money
Q: don’t you get enough money?
A: well yes but we wanted more money to get more supplies
Q: do you ever consider cocoa farmers?
A: we only care about ourselves
Q:how do you feel about black pod disease?
A: it doesn’t affect us we bought plenty last season

                                Shop keepers 1
Shop keepers number 1 is fairtrade and sell fairtrade produts.
Now lets get on with the interview.
Q: Do you ever buy from big chocolate factory?
A: Sometimes only if they have a good price
Q; Why did you buy it then if someone wasn’t getting the fair price for it?
A: We don’t care about poor people.
Q: Why don’t you care?
A: We only care about our lives no one elses
Q: How much do you sell your chocolate bars for?
A: £1 per bar
                                        Shop keepers 2
Shop keepers number 2 sometimes sell fairtrade products. Lets get on to the interview .
Q: Do you always buy from fairtrade factory?
A: We sometimes buy from fairtrade factoreis but sometimes buy from big chocolate factory.
Q: How do you feel about black pod deacese?
A: It doesn’t really effect us because we can buy from both factories.

The shoppers work with the journalists to help them find out information about fairtrade. We interviewed them ourselfs lets see what they said.
Q: Do you only buy fairtrade chocolate bars?
A: Well I usually buy fairtrade chocolate bars because its fairer price for the farmers.
Q: Do you taste a difference from fairtrade and non fairtrade chocolate bars?
A: No but it feel better eating a fairtrade chocolate bar.

That’s all we have interviewed today but we think we will be doing another fairtrade game again.

Inventions to help us achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Our great global goal inventions

A few weeks ago two men came in and told us about the seventeen global goals. We were so interested in these goals and completing them that we set to work on making up our own inventions. First of all we all thought of our own ideas focusing on one of the global goals. Then we joined up with other people who had similar ideas or were focusing on the same goal. After a few weeks of creating our inventions we finally had the final piece. We showed it to the class and explained our ideas then answered questions and fixed any problems. Then Ms Mackay who inspired us to do these along with the men who came in put together a PowerPoint of all our inventions. We hope that in the future our inventions will be made and hopefully we can complete these seventeen global goals by 2030.

Look at this great invention!

Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Today we learned about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. 
If everyone works towards these the world should be a fairer place by 2030.

We talked about Fair Trade and footballs.
The BALA footballs are more expensive but because they are fairtrade we know they are made ethically. 

We already DO make a difference with things like Fair Trade and Bag the Bruck & Pick Up Three Pieces, but can we do more....?
Watch this space!

Celebrating Robert Burns

Robert Burns was born in Alloway on 25th January 1759. Every January on his birthday people all round the world celebrate by having a Burns Supper and reciting his poetry and singing his songs.
We are having an Assembly and our class will be reading two of his poems in dialect.

To practice for assembly use these links
To a Mouse
To a Haggis


Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne!
For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We'll take a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere,
And gie’s a hand o’ thine,
And we’ll take a right guid willie-waught
For auld lang syne!

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We'll take a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

Our Assembly went really well, Lots of people said they enjoyed it. There was Highland dancing and fiddle music as well as our poetry and singing. Look in the comments below to see what we thought about our Burns Assembly.