Fair Trade Fortnight - The Chocolate Trading Game

Yesterday we were playing the Fairtrade game. We all got roles and there was the cocoa farmers, the Fairtrade farmers, shoppers, shop keepers 1 and 2, the big chocolate factory and the Fairtrade chocolate factory.
                                           Cocoa farmers
Cocoa farmers don’t get paid for enough for what they produce. They would like a better deal they want to sell to Fairtrade cocoa factory’s but cant. Now let’s interview some cocoa farmers.
Q: How hard is life on the farm and why?
A: It’s really hard because we don’t get the fair amount of money we deserve!
Q: How do you feel about the price of cocoa beans going down?
A: terrible because we don’t get enough money!
Q: how do you feel about black pod decease?
A: Terrible because big chocolate factory won’t buy our beans only from surtian cocoa farmers!

                    Fairtrade cocoa farmers
The fairtrade farmers get a better amount of money because the cocoa beans they grow get bought for a good amount. Lets interview some fairtrade farmers.

Q: what are you trying to accomplish ?
A: we wanted to have a good and good payment that is why were fairtrade
Q: Do you just sell to fairtrade factories?
A: there is always argument between us but we mostly don’t
Q: do you ever feel your going to get scammed by not getting fair amount of money for your beans?
A: No we trust the people we sell to
Q: How do you feel about black pod disease ?
A: it doesn’t affect us because we made plenty last season

                                       Fairtrade factory
The Fairtrade factory buys beans from fairtrade cocoa farmers. They give them a fair amount of money. Now lets get on to the interview.
Q: How much do you pay for cocoa beans?
A: 5p per bean
Q: What do you think about fairtrade?
A: We think fairtrade is important because everyone should be treated fairly
Q: Do you always buy from fairtrade?
A: Yes we do
Q: How do you feel about black pod disease?
A: We don’t really like it because its bad for the farmers but its good for us because we get more money

Big chocolate factory
The big chocolate factory only buys from independent farmers. Lets start the interview.
Q: What is your aim?
A: more profit
Q: why do you want more profit?
A: decent pay and so our families can have a good living
Q: where do you get your beans and why?
A: Ghana because its better quality
Q: Why did you lower the prices?
A: we wanted more money
Q: don’t you get enough money?
A: well yes but we wanted more money to get more supplies
Q: do you ever consider cocoa farmers?
A: we only care about ourselves
Q:how do you feel about black pod disease?
A: it doesn’t affect us we bought plenty last season

                                Shop keepers 1
Shop keepers number 1 is fairtrade and sell fairtrade produts.
Now lets get on with the interview.
Q: Do you ever buy from big chocolate factory?
A: Sometimes only if they have a good price
Q; Why did you buy it then if someone wasn’t getting the fair price for it?
A: We don’t care about poor people.
Q: Why don’t you care?
A: We only care about our lives no one elses
Q: How much do you sell your chocolate bars for?
A: £1 per bar
                                        Shop keepers 2
Shop keepers number 2 sometimes sell fairtrade products. Lets get on to the interview .
Q: Do you always buy from fairtrade factory?
A: We sometimes buy from fairtrade factoreis but sometimes buy from big chocolate factory.
Q: How do you feel about black pod deacese?
A: It doesn’t really effect us because we can buy from both factories.

The shoppers work with the journalists to help them find out information about fairtrade. We interviewed them ourselfs lets see what they said.
Q: Do you only buy fairtrade chocolate bars?
A: Well I usually buy fairtrade chocolate bars because its fairer price for the farmers.
Q: Do you taste a difference from fairtrade and non fairtrade chocolate bars?
A: No but it feel better eating a fairtrade chocolate bar.

That’s all we have interviewed today but we think we will be doing another fairtrade game again.


  1. It was very fun playing the trading game.

    BY Kadyn

  2. Hi class 6 I enjoyed playing the trading game it was fun selling chocolate bars to other people and buying them for our shop. We made good deals to the shoppers and they made good deals with us the journalists came round and asked us very good questions and we gave them good answers. Trading games are good fun and sometimes very stressful. I hope we do something like this again. Jennifer

  3. It was very intresting to learn about fairtrade but it was also pretty
    sad that the cocoa farmers did not get the right amount of money that they deserve the treading game was fun because you got to experience what real people get put threw. Erlend.B

  4. Hi Class 6,
    I really enjoyed playing the trading game because I got to work with pepole I dont work with that offten so I found out that we worked well toghter. My favrote part was when I got to go and ask The fairtrade coco bean company for coco beans because I made them them happy when I told them that if they gave Me 10 beans I would give them 50p, They thought that was a fair deal. I really exited to play the trading game again sometime soon.

  5. Hi class 6 I think the board game was so fun and I played with Jennifer, Erin r and Daisy Daisy took awile to finesh she ceaped on going doon the bannbs I think we should play it more it is so fun by Paige

  6. Hi class 6 how was the chocolate trading game? It sounds fun. How do you play it and did you find it fun? I wish I could of been there to play it but hopefully I will get to play it soon. By Aneisha

  7. Hi class 6 those games were really fun i was in the fair trade farmers.Scott

  8. Hi class 6 me and Brogan were coco farmer we had to make coco for the big chocolate factory they sold it to the market then then the shoppers bought it. Tyler

  9. Hi class 6 i think it was fun doing the trading gamei was a independint farmer because you could see what it was like to be a indapendent farmer at the end the fair trade coumpany made £62.60 i hope we would like to do it again.William

  10. I think it was very good brakes and ldders we should play it more it is a fair trade game and i am in the fair trade comenity group so i know how inportent fair trade is.

  11. on tuesday 7th of march class 6 2017 did a fairtrade game. there was lots of positions Aiden was a indepenant farmer and Jack was a shopkeeper. We both think there should be more fairtrade products. Aiden and Jack

  12. Hi class 6 did you enjoy the trading game fun. I thought the trading game was challenging and unfair because me and Tyler were independent cocoa farmers and the big chocolate company wouldn't take our cocoa beans but they teen other independent cocoa farmers beans. Bye Brogan

  13. Hello Everyone, when we played The chocolate trading game I was playing a role as a fair trade company with Caitlin and Kyden and our goal was to buy cocoa beans and make chocolate bars then sell them to the shop keepers. There were different season so different things could happen it was really fun. Darby

  14. On Tuesday we did the chocolate trading game I did the supermarket 1 with Jack and Finley.Cameron

  15. Hi class 6 on the 8 of February 2017 we played The chocolate trading game. I think it was cool and Interesting. my group was the supermarket our role was to sell the chocolate bars to the shoppers. we made a profit of £23 there was another shop who were rivals with us.
    From Finlay

  16. On the 6th of February we played a chocolate trading game I was a independent farmer. I had to make loads of coco beans and sell them to the big chocolate company. we made £3.50! it was loads of fun.

  17. Hi everyone it was really fun playing the trading game my group was shop 2 I had Erlend and Jennifer in my group there was the cocoa farmers what sold they're beans to the chocolate company's to make bars and then us shop's bought the bars to sell to the shoppers it was really fun doing this game. My group got £18.00 profit out of it the other shop got £24.00 profit and I hope we play it again soon cause i had a lot of fun the last time. Kaylen

  18. Hi class 6 yesterday we played a really fun game called the fair-trade chocolate game. Me and Cierra where shoppers so we bought chocolate from the shops (the chocolate was just paper)I hope we play it again some time. Declan

  19. Hi class 6 yesterday we played the trading game and breaks and ladders. Breaks and ladders is just
    like snakes and ladders but insted of the snakes there was bananas I kept on going down the bananas. We also played the trading game me and Declan was the shoppers we were the people who bought the chocolate there was also journalists they were making a news paper about fairtrade and big choc chocolate bars, farmers who made coco beans and fairtrade farmers who made fairtrade coco beans, chocolate factory who made the chocolate and fairtade chocolate factory who made fairtrade chocolate I enjoyed playing the trading game. Cierra

  20. Hi class 6 I enjoyed doing all the fair trade activities yesterday. I really enjoyed playing the fair trade board game breaks and ladders in the morning I think it was a great way to start our day. I also really enjoyed the trading game in the afternoon I think it gave us an idea of what its like in real life and how as the seasons change so does the amount of beans and money. I was one of the Fair trade cocoa farmers along with Ryan and Scott. In season one we had to decide whether to sell our beans to the fair trade chocolate factory or the big chocolate factory. We chose to sell to the fair trade chocolate factory for 5P a bean. Even though we could make standard and fair trade beans the fair trade chocolate company would only by fair trade ones. In season 2 the big chocolate factory cut the amount of money they pay for each bean to 1p for a standard and 2p for a fair trade but thankfully we were with the fair trade chocolate factory. In season 3 our crop halved as the beans caught black bean disease so we said if we have half the crop we want double the money for each on and we got a deal. In season 4 their was much more demand for fair trade chocolate so the price went back to normal but we only had 5 minutes so we only manged to make 10 beans. I really enjoyed playing the fair trade trading game and hopefully we can do something like it again. Daisy

  21. Hello everyone I really enjoyed the Fair Trade chocolate game. I was in a group with Lauren and Robert and we worked in the big chocolate company. Our aim was to make as much profit as possible so we just bought standard cocoa beans because they were not as expensive as Fair Trade cocoa beans. We got our cocoa beans from various different independent cocoa farmers but we didn't buy Fair Trade beans. We went through 4 seasons witch changed our profit but in the 4th season every chocolate buyer was told only to buy Fair Trade chocolate so we made no money in season 4 but we learnt that buying Fair Trade produces was much better for cocoa farmers. I enjoyed our trading game and I also learnt from it. Erin.R

  22. Hi everyone I really enjoyed the fair trade chocolate trading game. The group I was in was the big chocolate company with Erin.R and Robert. Our aim was to buy as much cocoa beans for the cheapest price and to make as much profit as possible. We bought the cocoa beans from the independent cocoa farmers because these farmers where selling the cocoa beans cheaper than the fair trade farmers. we went through 4 different seasons each season changed our profit so we didn't make so much money in season 4 because everyone was buying fair trade chocolate so the fair trade farmers where getting more money than the independent so we learnt by buying fair trade chocolate that you can help the farmers get a fair amount of money they deserve. I learnt a lot from this and hope to do it again. Lauren

  23. I enjoyed breaks and ladders our group was Erlend Scott and Aiden. Erlend won breaks and ladders. Then in the afternoon we played a game called the trading game. I was with Daisy and Scott and we were the fairtrade coco farmers. First we had to chooses witch company to sell to the big company or the fairtrade company. We choose the fairtrade company and once we chooses the company we got started. There was seasons and season 1 was ok everyone was fine. We would know if a season ended if the lights flashed. Then season 2 began and the independent farmers had to sell there beans for 1p or 2p. So the independent farmers did not get much money. Then season three came and season 3 was terrible for the farmers beacause the crops got ruined. But the fairtrade farmers had doubled there money. then the last season came and it was just the same as season 2.