Reading with P4

This term we started helping the P4s with their reading. Our book was The Firework Maker's Daughter and we partnered up with a P4 and read a page each. We think our reading has improved because we would normally not read aloud so this was also an opportunity to improve our reading as well as their reading. It also helped us with our confidence to read to a person in another class and it’s a good way to hear what other people think of the book. We need to know that they are hooked into the book by asking them questions like, 'What do you think the characters are feeling?', 'What do you think is going to happen next?', 'Why do you think the characters are feeling like this?' 

Here are some of the comments from the P6 paired readers:

'They seemed more confident as I continued to go down'
'I felt the reader enjoyed going to the library and reading the story and improved each week.'
'I'm more confident to go again because I know what it is like.'
'I was surprised to find out that some of the readers were at the same level as me.'
'I felt my reader improved with his expression and read more fluently.'
'It was fun because you got to read to someone you have never read to before.'
'It was interesting listening to younger children read to you. To start with they told me what the story was about, what had happened and what they think is going to happen. They understood the story well.'
'I think I am better at reading now that I have read to other people. It builds up your confidence'


  1. Hi P6,

    I'm sorry the P4's have not had a chance to comment on this yet. I will find time for them to do that.

    I would like to thank you on their behalf for being such super reading buddies so far this term. It has been a part of the week that the Banana and Orange groups have really looked forward to. I hope the Cherry group will enjoy it just as much.

    You have written about so many of the reasons I would have hoped for, but my favourite thing about this blog post is how positive you sound and this reflects how positive P4 have been about it too! :)

    Keep reading! Cheers, Mr Ross

  2. I liked reading with the p6's. I was reading with Daisy Erin and Jennifer .It really help me read better because if I got a word wrong they would help me and they are good readers. by Zara Macleod

  3. I enjoyed reading working with the P6's. I read with Cierra we read the Firework Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman. from Hayley.

  4. I think it is nice reading with a different class like P6s. I enjoyed reading with Lauren and Caitlin. i had more confidence reading with a P6 then me on my own Because if i got a word wrong they would help me. We were reading The Firework Makers Daughter.I think working with a P6 helps me. the anther was Philip Pullman. From Lily.